Doshas & Ayurvedic Medicine – How The, What The?

We’re fortunate to have Ayurvedic guru Gretchen taking over the Prescribe Nutrition blog today and introducing us to the world of Ayurveda, and also unraveling the mystery of doshas. This is part 1 of a 2 part blog series, so stay tuned for more, and be sure to check out Gretchen’s bio below!

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A Family Affair: Healthy Eating With Kids

Doing everything is harder with kids, amiright? So yes, not gonna lie, doing a program like Prescribe 20 with children IS harder than if you’re flying solo or cooking for adult-only tastebuds. BUT it can also be incredibly rewarding. Food is fuel, medicine and LIFE, and we can never share these truths with our littles too soon.

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Macros, calorie counting, serving sizes, and losing weight…oh my!

Ohhh the world of macros, calorie counting, serving sizes…such fun [said no one ever]. However you look at it or whatever you call it, we’re digging into the world of tracking our food intake. This is a topic we have not put the focus on for the past 4 + years.

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