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We’re about to kick off Get Balanced, the program we created for everyone that understands the true meaning of “tired and wired.” It’s the program that is dedicated to learning how to recover from years of stress, running around, chasing kids, late nights, early mornings, and some not so hot food choices finally catching up with you. Get Balanced is kicking off and it’s all about giving yourself the education, motivation and support you need to see legitimate changes for the long haul. Why? Because when you take care of yourself you can better take care of the ones you love.

We’re offering everyone in 24/7 Mom a special offer: Register for both Get Balanced & Kids Rule and get over $100 off the price of both – a pretty sweet deal. After this 4th of July holiday, make your own health the priority with Get Balanced – arm yourself with knowledge, clear out the clutter in your kitchen and see that that major changes don’t always require seemingly impossible steps. Take that knowledge with you as we dive into the newly revamped Kids Rule in August before the school year kicks off. Just like you need to put your own oxygen mask on first, your kids will respond to the positive changes they see in you. Check out more on how our programs work in our short How it Works video. Details on both programs below.

Get Balanced: July 14 – 28

What if you’re eating healthy, or what you think is healthy, and things still are off – even way off? Well those bricks aren’t holding together. We need to look at the mortar.

Any of these sound like you? 

  • You have the ability to feel tired yet wired at the same time.
  • You hit the snooze button 6 times on your alarm.
  • Libido is….let’s say just fizzling instead of sizzling.
  • You have a ‘no speaking to me’ rule before your morning caffeine.
  • You are eating well, exercising, and the scale will.not.budge.
  • 4 pm strikes and you need sugar. And there is no stopping you.
  • 10 pm strikes and you feel inexplicably motivated.
  • 2 am strikes and you are wide eyed, yet exhausted.

Wonder what’s going on here? What is happening? A little thing called hormone imbalance. The king player intricately linked to everything from weight to mood to energy? That would be your stress hormone, cortisol. It interacts with our sex and thyroid hormones. Depleted levels are what’s behind chronic fatigue. Elevated levels over long periods are directly linked to heart attacks. Up and down, up and down…it can be like a real roller coaster. One thing is certain: when cortisol is out of whack, the whole body can get thrown off; you don’t feel like yourself and you certainly don’t feel sexy. Get Balanced gets you on the path of cortisol balance. We can’t make progress without addressing food first – so naturally we’ll guide through 15 days of foods that specifically support your adrenal glands (+ an education on what exactly adrenal glands are). We’re also breaking this into 3 different sections (PLUS bonuses) addressing the 3 key physiological systems involved. Expect informative podcast classes breaking down the how and why of what’s going on inside your body, specific protocols for each step, targeted nutrient and supplement support and of course, one-on-one guidance by Megan & Katie so you can Get Balanced.

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I just completed the Reset 14 program from Prescribe Nutrition and it was an awesome experience!  It was so beneficial to take 2 weeks and really pay attention to my family’s overall health and nutrition.  The online message boards were so helpful and full of tips and support from the PN ladies and other users.  My family loved the new recipes; they were full of healthy, whole foods – and tasty!  I was really encouraged to tailor the program to fit my needs, and that flexibility made all the difference.  I all saw noticeable health benefits for myself, my husband, and my daughter throughout the 14 days, and I look forward to doing another PN program in the future.  I’d highly recommend a Prescribe Nutrition program to anyone looking to focus on their health and nutrition!  – Meghan Quirk.  24/7 Mom

 Kids Rule: August 11 – 22

It’s about getting the little ones you care so much about the foods they need. It’s about optimal and accessible nutrition. It’s about finding the connection between the foods they ingest and their reactions to them. It’s about finding ways to get the good stuff in all while getting the kids involved in the process.It’s about creating your very own little health nuts.

If you’re feeling challenged sneaking in the nutrients your child needs, but aren’t quite sure where to start, Prescribe Nutrition has got you covered. Kids Rule will not only fully support you with unbelievable recipes that your kids will love (hello cauliflower pizza crust & green smoothie pops – 100% kid approved), it will also help you navigate the complicated world of food sensitivities, picky eaters and behavior concerns. Sometimes solving these issues can be as easy as eliminating some common problematic foods. Did you know?

  • Did you know that there is a science behind picky eating, and it’s rooted in specific nutrient deficiency?
  • Did you know that the upset tummies or dry itchy skin is likely affected by what’s going in the mouth?
  • Did you know that the more nutrients your child receives , the better he or she can synthesize thoughts and actions?
  • Did you know that by prepping more healthy foods you can actually cut down time in the kitchen?
  • Did you know that your kids CAN eat foods you never thought they would and LOVE them? They can. You can. We’re going to show you how.

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What you can expect:

  • Full access to Megan & Katie – Functional Nutritionists on a mission to make healthy fun. You’ll have direct access via the message board where you’ll get constant support, tips and tricks.
  • Our Anna will guide you through some of the challenging territory in an accessible and loving way that only a parent could provide. She’s just the best there is.
  • Podcasts that will break down: why nutrition matters, debunk common nutrition myths, navigate food sensitivities, teach you the mystery behind picky eating and how behavior is so intricately linked to food.
  • Fun activities & challenges to do with your kids.
  • A community of parents and kids alike who will be a part of your journey. You’re not alone – not for one second!

Who’s if for?

Well, Kids Rule truly covers the spectrum.  We have everything from resources for baby’s first foods to the ultimate upgrade for all the favorite staples.  Hey, even the parents say they love they Kids Rule recipe packet as much as their kids do.

Join us for both and use code 24/7mom for over $100 off!

Register Here

Or fear not, if only one program works for you they’re yours separately!

Get Balanced

Kids Rule

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