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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ―Hippocrates

There is no diet that will do what healthy eating does.

Prescribe Nutrition

Prescribe Nutrition was a serendipitous collaboration between us – Katie Jasper and Megan Morris- we are two nutritionists who each had their own journey to better health. We know first hand what the diet roller coaster, chronic health problems, and the confusing world of nutrition can look like. Our advice? Get off the roller coaster. Give your body a break. Clear out the clutter and let whole foods do their magic.

The one principle we always abide by: meeting people where they are at. It’s the key for sustainable change, because hey, we can’t all be on a juice cleanse forever. We like to eat, in fact they like it a whole lot, but  know that some foods heal while others can wreak havoc. No one wants to be on a health seesaw, so they help you find that all too elusive balance.

Prescribe Nutrition asks ‘why’ quite a bit; we dig deep to uncover the root of frustrating health problems. Symptoms are often simply a SOS from your body telling you something is out of balance. So let’s find some balance. Prescribe Nutrition’s ultimate goal? Teach people to listen to their bodies and uncover what works for them.  What works for one person does not necessarily work for another. Explains that annoying coworker who can eat a loaf of bread with no consequences, doesn’t it?


We founded Prescribe Nutrition because we wish we knew what we know now, long ago. It’s for everyone out there who is ready to make their peace with food and feel their absolute best – for the long haul. Life is not a diet, so let’s live.


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