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Detoxing Smarter: How To Detox

Detox… cleanse …”a restart” – sound familiar? Been there done that? Yeah, us too. The common thread with those catch words is usually followed by a sigh and a mix of emotions ranging from hope to anxiety. Will this detox work? Will I lose weight or find myself back where I started…?

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Your Metabolism: Stripped Down

If there’s one thing we know about nutrition it’s that we don’t know everything. It has become increasingly apparent over the last few decades that we’ve tried it all. Just look at the cover of Time Magazine in 1984 and then again in 2014. The claims have been made and we followed what we were told.

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Katie Turned.It.Up

Ladies and gents… we did it. 900 minutes of cycling, sweating, dancing, and THENsome = DONE. 20 SoulCycle classes in 30 days was the challenge and the challenge was accepted. Having been a fitness instructor myself for almost 10 years, I will be the first to say – I’ve never done anything like this before.

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