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Constipation Causes: How to be regular

No we’re not talking normal.  What is normal?  Who knows?  Normal is boring right?  We’re talking about being regular, as in, daily ‘movements,’ a good working ‘system,’ ‘dropping the kids off at the pool, doo-doo’…yes people, we are talking poop. So let’s get a little giggle in…and now talk some shop.

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Homemade Face Mask + Negronis

Last week Megan and Alana of Etta + Billie hosted a Facebook and Instagram live that was heavy on the LIVEly. Megan introduced her favorite cocktail, a negroni (because hey, it IS national negroni week – it’s for charity people ok?) and Alana shared one of her favorite whole food homemade face mask recipes.

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Makeup Tips: How To Go Green. [+ Giveaway!]

So, I’m no expert in beauty products, I’ll tell you that. It’s actually comical that I, Katie, am writing about makeup tips as the other three PN ladies are beauty product-obsessed. One of our favorite responsible product lines is, of course, Beautycounter. Their ingredients are proven safe, sourced sustainably and,

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