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Makeup Tips: How To Go Green. [+ Giveaway!]

So, I’m no expert in beauty products, I’ll tell you that. It’s actually comical that I, Katie, am writing about makeup tips as the other three PN ladies are beauty product-obsessed. One of our favorite responsible product lines is, of course, Beautycounter. Their ingredients are proven safe, sourced sustainably and,

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Practical Tips for Kids: Weelicious Style

Getting your kids to eat like little health nuts? Sure, easy. Said no one ever. When you’re trying to overhaul your kitchen and your lifestyle to a healthier one, you want your kids on board. But kids are kids, and you need real life, practical tips for kids that will get them as excited about eating well as you are.

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Detoxing Smarter: How To Detox

Detox… cleanse …”a restart” – sound familiar? Been there done that? Yeah, us too. The common thread with those catch words is usually followed by a sigh and a mix of emotions ranging from hope to anxiety. Will this detox work? Will I lose weight or find myself back where I started…?

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