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Tips For Glowing Skin

We’re back at it talking about all things regarding health and skin. Yes, we are obsessed with skin here at Prescribe Nutrition. Why? Because we’re in our thirties and that’s what happens from here on out folks. My mom [who it must be stated looks WAY younger than her years] has always said,

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Collagen: A Love Story [+ giveaway!]

The first few months of any love story tends to be pretty hot and heavy. People can see you glowing from a mile away. You can’t hide that grin, and you certainly can’t hide that glow. I’d say that’s a good summary of how the Prescribe Nutrition ladies felt about collagen when our world’s first met.

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What Causes Acne? Adult Acne: Total BS.

Adult acne and what causes acne are some of the more talked about topics at Prescribe Nutrition. One of the silver linings of leaving the youthful and carefree [or unfortunate if you’re me] teenage years behind us is bidding adieu to the acne that can so often accompany them. Having to deal with breakouts is frustrating.

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