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Food Allergies & Kids: Talking it Out

Warning to all those with food allergies or parents of those with food allergies…our guest blogger Allergy Amulet is bringing something to the market that is an absolute game changer in how people live with allergies. They’re here today to help people explain food allergies to their kids, and we’ll dive into their amazing food allergy detector towards the end.  

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Mindfulness: often a missing piece of the puzzle. We are thrilled to have a Prescribe Nutrition super member Scott with us today to wrap up our campaign on food-body-mind. Scott reminds us how mindfulness plays a huge role in our health. Scott, we’re ready for you to sprinkle some of that mindfulness on us,

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My Relationship With A Scale – How To Lose Weight

I hate the scale. When I think about stepping on the scale my palms get clammy and my anxiety peaks. It’s a Pavlovian response. I see a scale and immediately conjure up all those visits at the doctors over the years. The nurses say “Okay now get on the scale,” and I say,

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