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Summer Balance, Part II

You know we’re all about that balance. We gave you a few of our favorite overall balance tips in part one, but we’re back to give you a sneak peek of our next program, Prescribe Balance, where we dig into hormone, body, and mind imbalances in greater depth. Although your body has a lot of different moving and working parts,

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Guide to the Holiday Weekend

Who doesn’t love a holiday weekend?! While we truly stand behind the motto that “life is not a diet,” there are always some ways to make some painless upgrades. Making simple shifts will result in a more PN friendly celebration along with feeling a whole lot better the days following. The getting “back on track” feels far less painful.

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Nature, We Love You.

Get outside! We’ve got a thing for nature. It’s so therapeutic and healing when you can slow down and appreciate it. We’ve been making a point to reconnect with nature this year and these are our two favorite [and simple] ways.
Get grounded. Physically connect with the earth. Grounded, also known as earthing,

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