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Macros, calorie counting, serving sizes, and losing weight…oh my!

Ohhh the world of macros, calorie counting, serving sizes…such fun [said no one ever]. However you look at it or whatever you call it, we’re digging into the world of tracking our food intake. This is a topic we have not put the focus on for the past 4 + years.

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Meal Plan, PN Style (+ 9 Recipes!)

So if you’ve been following our roadmap we are wrapping up the food portion. We thought it would be fun to give you a very practical meal plan for a week involving the classic Prescribe Nutrition Protocol. (Can something be a ‘classic’ if it’s only been around for 4 years?

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Sausage & Tahini Squash Bowl

We discovered this new-to-us ‘stripetti squash’ at the Union Station Farmers Market in Denver. It’s a mix between a delicata and spaghetti squash…we were told it tastes more like a delicata but has the consistency of a spaghetti squash. So clearly, we were sold. We started dreaming about what we could create with this squash.

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