Beautycounter is in the House [Give-a-way] CLOSED

Stacia of Beautycounter  is taking over PN’s blog for the day! We LOVE Beautycounter’s mission and are thrilled to have her.

PN readers and lovers of all things Katie & Megan! I’m Stacia and those are my people in the photo below. They are the reason I do everything and they’re very much the reason I met Katie & Megan back in 2013, when I signed up for my first Prescribe Nutrition program. Since then, I’ve taken 3 more programs and have learned and experienced just how profoundly what I put in my body effects my physical and emotional health.


What I wasn’t paying as much attention to is what I was putting on my body, and my children’s bodies for that matter- my skincare and makeup, our sunscreen, their bath wash, my husband’s shaving cream. Well, that all changed when Beautycounter came along.

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Beautycounter is a skincare & cosmetics company who is on a mission to get safe products in the hands of everyone. They take the guesswork out of buying personal care products. All their products score low on EWG’s Skin Deep website which is a great gauge for figuring out if what you’re currently using, is safe. You can rest assured that your Beautycounter products are free from parabens, sulfates, and hormone disruptors- just to name a few. And they work! You don’t have to compromise your health for your beauty products. What this really means is that all the steps you’re taking to nourish your body from the inside won’t be compromised by what you’re using on the outside. Beautycounter-giveaway_neverlist
Because I’m in Florida and we’ve pretty much been in summer mode for a couple of months now, the ladies at PN and I thought it would be fun to giveaway a set of Stacia’s Beautycounter Summer Must Haves!
First up, Protect Sunscreen. It’s full body protection and safe for the whole family. Protect has aloe vera and antioxidants but what’s most important is what it doesn’t have: oxybenzone. Oxybenzone is a skin irritant and suspected hormone disruptor and is found in most chemical sunscreens. It also completely rubs in – no white streaks.
Next up is Dew Skin, Beautycounter’s tinted moisturizer with SPF 20. It’s perfect for summer days because it’s lightweight & hydrating. It will give you a more even skin tone and protect from sun damage. It’s completely safe and 82% of women showed a significant increase in skin firmness, elasticity and a brighter, more even complexion.
And finally, the Color Pinch Cream Blusher in Hibiscus. It can be used on the cheeks for a subtle, sun-kissed look and also on the lips for just a bit of color. Jojoba esters and carnauba wax condition and hydrate skin, making the smooth, non-sticky formula easy to apply on the go. Oh yeah, and it’s screened ever so strictly for the presence of heavy metals which are typically found in most color cosmetics.
One lucky Prescribe Nutrition reader will receive all three of these summer staples! If you want more information about Beautycounter and the waves they’re making in the skincare industry, head over to my website and take a look around.

Thanks so much, Katie, Megan and team PN. Happy, Healthy Summer to all of you!

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CONGRATS to Robin who one this giveaway. More fun opportunities to participate in future blog contests from us. Stay tuned!

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  • by erin on

    Perfect timing… I’ve been searching for a good, chemical-free sunscreen!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Erin! You’ll LOVE Protect 🙂

  • by Angela Baird on

    After browsing your BC webpage these are some of my top picks. It’s easy to get carried away with the convenience of other products and lose a sense of safety due busy schedules. I agree, it is time to take back our health and beauty ladies!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Ang 🙂 It’s so important.

  • by Emily T on

    I’m a huge fan of Beautycounter’s products and have been eyeing their sunscreen. This would be a great way to start using it.

    • by Stacia on

      The sunscreen is a must have in our house. We’re already on bottle #2 this summer 🙂

  • by Ali F on

    I recently started switching out my chemical-filled skincare products with healthier options. Would love to try out Beautycounter’s products!

    • by Stacia on

      Ali, that’s awesome! I’ve done the switch over gradually as well. It’s worth the effort.

  • by Jill on

    I’m always up for trying a new natural product! The blusher looks lush!

    • by Stacia on

      The blusher is awesome. I keep it in my purse all day for touch ups on both my cheeks & lips.

  • by Elle on

    I do use a sunscreen year round but always wonder how good for me it is , really. Would love to try a healthy one!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Elle! The EWG did a sunscreen round up recently. Beautycounter is on that list.

  • by Funmilayo on

    This product will be a perfect pick for me because I’ve been searching for good skin product that will be perfect for me.

    • by Stacia on

      Glad to hear it!

  • by Heather on

    I am always looking for sunscreen that works and is good for my skin!

    • by Stacia on

      Heather, this does both. My son has super sensitive skin and this works like a charm for him. And I use it everyday.

  • by Theresa Diulus on

    I have seen this brand on a few websites and I have to say having the PN introduction piqued my curiosity even more given how highly I regard the PN team and their programs.

    • by Stacia on

      Theresa, I agree. The PN team’s blessing is worth it’s weight it gold.

  • by Jen N. on

    That makeup is gorgeous, and I’ve been on the lookout for a better sunscreen!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Jen! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  • by Kate O on

    This is something I’m just starting to explore. I’m nervous to switch from products that I’ve been using for a long time that “work” but am worried about all of the chemicals. Thanks for the education – I’d love to give these products a try!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Kate! I was in your shoes too. But when I really started digging on the chemicals in our products, I threw out a bunch. I’m finding Beautycounter’s products work just as well if not better than what I was using before.

  • by Tory W on

    I’ve been so curious about Beautycounter for months and super excited to read your recs!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Tory! I hope you got some more information that was helpful. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • by kim on

    Do you have sample sizes? I’d love to try before I buy. Thanks!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Kim! I just sent you an email 🙂

  • by Katie on

    Love the lip color and would be perfect for summer. Any product that is safe and chemical free is great in by book 🙂

    • by Stacia on

      Mine too, Katie. Mine too.

  • by Gina on

    I’ve heard wonderful things about Beautycounter! Admittedly, I neglect this area and use everything under the sun as far a products. I’m starting to phase things out slowly but surely, although, I’m not sure I can ever give up my Dior mascara!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Gina! So I JUST threw out my Dior mascara… it was the last hold out. Beautycounter is still working on a mascara that is both safe and effective but in the mean time, I bought 100% Pure. So far, it’s great 🙂 Hope that helps!

  • by Diana Cote on

    I would love, love to win these. I am dying to try BeautyCounter products, I have been hearing great things about their products and it’s so hard to find good quality, natural products for the whole family.

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Diana! I’m so glad you’ve been hearing great things. I had been hearing them too and once I tried them, I knew there was no going back.

  • by Jennifer Hawkes on

    I am so excited to hear about your skin care line – always looking for a great sunscreen.
    Thank you !

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for commenting. You’ll love the sunscreen. It’s our family’s go-to product this time of year. When you’re using something everyday, all over your body, it’s so important it’s safe.

  • by katherine on

    I love beauty counter and would love to try the tinted moisturizer!!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Katherine! The tinted moisturizer is so good. It’s just enough coverage and protection for summer days.

  • by Lindsay on

    My face is very sensitive to most sunscreens, so I would love to try Beautycounter’s sunscreen! And the cream blush looks gorgeous!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Lindsay! My son has really sensitive skin and most sunscreens left him with severe rashes. I use this everyday on him and we’ve not had any problems. It’s free of dyes and fragrance plus it doesn’t have any toxic chemicals. You should be good 🙂

  • by Ashley W on

    Just talking to a friend about finding healthier skin options then I saw this giveaway! Perfect timing!!

    • by Stacia on

      Fate 🙂 Thanks so much for commenting, Ashley!

  • by Lynora on

    These products look great!

    • by Stacia on

      Thanks, Lynora, for taking the time to read the article and comment 🙂

  • by Katie T on

    I’ve never used Beauty Counter but would love to give it a try! Overall health is super important to me and it’s great that there are companies like this and PN that take the guess work and research out of it for us!!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Katie! Taking the guess work out of the equation was a HUGE reason Beautycounter was so attractive to me. They make finding safe products easy.

  • by Kristin on

    I’ve done a lot of research about sunscreens and have found some good options, but I haven’t paid as much attention to other skincare products. Beautycounter looks like a great place to start.

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Kristin! I’m so glad the article brought some other products to your attention but sunscreen is a great place to start 🙂

  • by Lindsey Evans on

    I would love to try! I wear makeup/ sunscreen often and the toxic chemicals are harsh on my skin, they cause breakouts 🙁 really excited to switch to natural and safe alternatives! This blog post was eye opening.

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Lindsey! I struggle with breakouts too and totally agree… The harsh chemicals do more harm than good. I’ve been really happy with the skincare line.

  • by Kendra on

    Ohhhhh, would love to try these awesome products!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Kendra! Thanks for your comment. I hope you get to try them!

  • by Melissa L on

    As a redheaded Italian I’m a pale skinned lady who tans well–EEK! So bad I know. And as busy working mom with 3yr old twins, I tend to slack in the sunscreen dept on myself…so these products sound fabulous! I’m always on the lookout for fast, easy & SAFE!!!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Melissa! Sounds like you NEED this sunscreen 🙂 Beautycounter takes the hard work out of finding safe products for the whole family. Happy summer!

  • by Kirby Haines on

    Hi Stacia! We were actually just looking for a new sunscreen for my husband to use at work, and I was reading reviews for sunscreens for our infant daughter who will be here in July – so I just placed an order! I have been thinking about making the switch over to more organic skincare for a while now, but was skeptical about having to “try” out all these various products, as well as having to do the research about the ingredients that were in them. I appreciate that Beautycounter has already done the hard part! I can’t wait to try out the rest of the line!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Kirby! I just saw your order come through, thank you! I’ll shoot you an email when it ships which should be very soon 🙂

  • by Jamie Lynn on

    I wear sunscreen everyday but I never thought about the ingredients other than the SPF level. Now I want to look at all of my sunscreens to see what I am putting on my face! Thanks for the information!!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Jamie! Head over to the EWG’s Skin Deep website mentioned in the blog and you can look all the products you currently use up for their safety rating.

  • by Casey on

    Yes! Thanks for the sunscreen rec! I’m fair skins and very prone to burning but this summer I’ll be prepared!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Casey! I am fair skinned too and I use the Protect sunscreen every day on my face and chest, even if I’m only going to be out running errands.

  • by Valeen on

    Just made some of these skincare changes yesterday for my kids.

    • by Stacia on

      Valeen! That’s awesome. Cheers to protecting the kiddos… don’t forget about momma too 🙂

  • by Rose on

    I do like this brand! The sunscreens have been on my wish list, and the blush looks lovely!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Rose! So glad you’re already a Beautycounter fan! Let me know if I can help you in anyway.

  • by Avi on

    Some new sunscreen would be great! On the Farm your always outside and we need to protect our skin year round!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Avi! A farm? How cool. Lather up on that sunscreen 🙂

  • by Chelsie on

    I love the bronzer and think the touch up pens are the best concealer I’ve ever used. Great products!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Chelsie! I will second your reviews 🙂 That concealer pen is incredible. Have you tried the foundation? It’s so, so good.

  • by Kayla on

    Awesome! I have been wanting to try Beauty Counter!

  • by Lauren on

    Love this blog post! Chemical free home and personal care products for 2 + years thanks to Norwex, always looking for new safe options in beauty especially!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Lauren! I friend just introduced me to Norwex the other day. I was totally floored by those wipes! Cheers to a safe home!

  • by Mara on

    I just read “Beauty Cleanse” which reinforced the necessity to only use products without questionable ingredients as part of a skincare routine. Would love to have them pre-vetted by Beauty Counter.

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Mara! It’s so true. Most ingredients in our products aren’t regulated or even tested for safety. Beutycounter goes above & beyond.

  • by Jennny on

    Yes! So excited to check out some new healthier sunscreen and makeup products.
    Thanks PN for doing this. Good call.

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Jenny! Thanks so much for your comment. If you’re a makeup lover, you’ll be thrilled with the Beautycounter line.

  • by Jessa on

    I have been pining for some Beauty Counter products and anxiously waiting to use up some of my current stash…Fingers crossed 😉

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Jessa! That’s exactly what I did when I started replacing my old products, used most of them up and then restocked with the safe stuff. Fingers crossed for you too 🙂

  • by Amy on

    These products look great, I can’t wait to take a look!

    • by Stacia on

      Thanks for your comment, Amy! Let me know if I can help at all 🙂

  • by Amanda on

    Looks really great. I’m always searching for the perfect sunscreen…

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Amanda! Well, may i suggest you may have found it 😉

  • by Erin G on

    YES!! I am so excited to find a healthier sunscreen. We just bought our FIRST HOUSE and have a pool. So happy to know about something that is going to be better for myself and my family.

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Erin! Congrats on the new house! How exciting! Stock up on pool noodles and sunscreen 🙂

  • by Jenny on

    I also have been coveting some Beautycounter – fingers crossed!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Jenny! Fingers crossed for you too 🙂

  • by JIll on

    Would love to try this sunscreen. Recently bought an Honest Kids one and I am not a fan as I find it really greasy.

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Jill! I think you’ll really like Protect. It’s not at all greasy. I wear it on my face daily.

  • by MaggieMpls on

    Found the perfect SPF for my fair skin!

    • by Stacia on

      Hi Maggie! Thanks so much for your comment! I hope you’ll love Beautycounter sunscreen as much as I do 🙂

  • by Stacy on

    This would be so fun to try! I’ve been looking at these products for awhile and continue to make more natural choices in all my purchases. Pick me!

  • by Virginia on

    Very cool! It’s shocking to see how many products are banned in other countries and not here. It’s not worth the risk to put these chemicals in our bodies in my opinion

  • by robin on

    These products look amazing. I’m always on the look-out for products that use fewer harmful chemicals.

  • by Anna on

    Yay! I love the sun! I have been meaning to update all of my beauty products and I could use some sunscreen for the summer!

  • by Emma on

    I always love SPF! and of course products with no harmful chemicals!

  • by Niki on

    Ooh, great timing! I’ve been looking for some safe new products and these look awesome!

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