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My Relationship With A Scale – How To Lose Weight

I hate the scale. When I think about stepping on the scale my palms get clammy and my anxiety peaks. It’s a Pavlovian response. I see a scale and immediately conjure up all those visits at the doctors over the years. The nurses say “Okay now get on the scale,” and I say,

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Fight the Cold Elixir

Ah, the holidays. A magical time of lights, festivities and never ending runny noses. It’s tough to avoid getting hit by some type of cold or illness this time of year, so why not get ahead of cold season armed with a tonic that not only helps you get over illnesses faster –

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Get better sleep. Tonight.

Prescribe Nutrition is excited to be featuring a post all about something just as near and dear to hearts as nutrition…sleep. We love us some sleep. And we’re lucky to have Michelle Fishberg,  co-founder and CEO of Slumbr, a sleep wellness startup to give us her insight on the what may be the most important ~ 8 hours of our day.

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