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SIBO Symptoms + One Person’s Story

There’s nothing that feels finer than being bloated, right? Well, unfortunately it’s a topic that tons of people can relate to. Sometimes feeling bloating comes and goes with hormonal fluctuations. Even more commonly bloating is a side effect of digestion issues, usually stemming from IBS [irritable bowel syndrome] or food sensitivities.

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5 Tips for Stomach Problems

Our Prescribe 20-ers are working big-time on their digestion as we write this. Prescribe Nutrition is on a never ending quest to just feel our damn best – we want you there with us.  Because it’s a massively popular and important topic, today we’re throwing out 5 tips to improve digestion.

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Collagen: A Love Story [+ giveaway closed ]

The first few months of any love story tends to be pretty hot and heavy. People can see you glowing from a mile away. You can’t hide that grin, and you certainly can’t hide that glow. I’d say that’s a good summary of how the Prescribe Nutrition ladies felt about collagen when our world’s first met.

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