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Our Daily Bread?

A great article in a recent Whole Living takes another look at modern day bread. All of the sudden it seems like half of us can’t tolerate this staple we grew up on. What’s going on with gluten and America? Whole Living closely looks at how wheat, in particular bread, has changed over the years.

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Why? Because the truth is sugar is…well… not good for you, and just like many, I have a soft spot for sugar. Some of my fondest memories of childhood revolve around baking with my mom or my afternoon snack: the beloved Ding Dongs & Ho-Hos. Sad but true. The first thing I say to anyone wanting to improve their diet is this: cut out the refined sugar.

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Sayonara Dairy + Giveaway Winner

Is it time to say goodbye to dairy?  More and more people are considering it, and an increasing amount of health professionals are recommending it.  Why would we give up something we grew up on, something we were told “does a body good?”  Mark Bittman writes a good argument on why you may want to consider passing on dairy in “Got Milk?

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