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Real food goes bad.

Almost could just be a one-liner.  My clients ask all the time, how do you know what food is good and what isn’t… fairly simple statement – real food goes bad.


The enzymes in foods that cause them to rot at room temperature are the same enzymes that we actively need in our bodies to keep in functioning well.  

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What is Oil Pulling?

What sounds better than vigorously swishing oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes? What’s that you say? Everything? Well, if you can get through the first two or three attempts, you might come to find that you love it {that’s my story, anyway}. 

Oil pulling is an old Ayurvedic practice in which you pull oil through your teeth (think along the lines of a really thorough swishing). 

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5 Tips for Better Digestion

People seem to like lists. They like short lists. Maybe you do some of these or none of these, but this is a good place to start if your digestion is off and you’ve had it. Alright, let’s get cracking:

1. Chew. 

Simple right? Apparently not. Sometimes when we sit down to a meal we act like we’ve just entered the Tour de France.

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