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Makeup Tips: How To Go Green. [+ Giveaway!]

So, I’m no expert in beauty products, I’ll tell you that. It’s actually comical that I, Katie, am writing about makeup tips as the other three PN ladies are beauty product-obsessed. One of our favorite responsible product lines is, of course, Beautycounter. Their ingredients are proven safe, sourced sustainably and,

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Food Allergies & Kids: Talking it Out

Warning to all those with food allergies or parents of those with food allergies…our guest blogger Allergy Amulet is bringing something to the market that is an absolute game changer in how people live with allergies. They’re here today to help people explain food allergies to their kids, and we’ll dive into their amazing food allergy detector towards the end.  

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Family Dinner Ideas: Thinking Outside the Box

Family dinner ideas to make meal time easier? Sure we’ll take that. Dinner can often be a s*&! show and we’re determined to change that. We are taking a whole picture approach to family dinner ideas that will change the way healthy meals go down at your house.
At our house,

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