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It’s “Juniors” month, and we are starting small! Planting the seeds and starting ’em young. Bring Your Own Baby to yoga is a great way to begin down your children’s path to health and wellness. Including children, and yes even infants, in our daily workouts sets a wonderful tone regarding the importance of being active. 

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June is for Juniors

It’s here: Summer.  We can practically smell the BBQ and fireworks already.  The longer days put a smile on all of our faces, but who’s likely smiling biggest?  Well, the little ones of course. Summer time means swimming, picnics, camp, slip and slide…and oh yeah, the ice cream truck.  Hey, we remember the sheer excitement of hearing that musical van just as much as the next person.  

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Family Friday – Meal Planning or Lack Thereof

clearly she hasn’t been meal planing either
If I could be granted one wish to make my life easier {at home}, it would be to have balanced meals scheduled out for me with an attached meal plan that made sure that I used all of the food I bought,

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