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Family Fridays: Food Allergies

Oh food allergies, you anxiety-causing ruiner of food fun. I could write a NASTY open letter to food allergies so filled with four letter words that Eddie Murphy would cringe. 

I am sitting down to write this on the heels of our two-year-old breaking out in mystery hives after brunch this morning.

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Family Fridays: how about that "living" room?

As you may have figured out, I am not a nutritionist – maybe someday, it’s on my “list.” But until then, I am more than happy to let the two pro’s in my life, Katie and Megan, lead me through the confusing, contradicting, wonderful, liberating, and sometimes anxiety-causing world of nutrition.

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Detoxing As A Family

I know… we aren’t calling New Year New Rules a “detox” per se, because it’s FULL of food.  But it’s the best way to articulate a carved out period of time in which we rest our bodies of the gunk.

You might be curious about how a detox goes when you’re the chef of your kitchen and cooking for a family.

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