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Need Some Help in the ‘ole Stress Department?

Can you feel the tension rising?  Shorter daylight hours, more errands then you can bear, and the parties, commitments and invites are starting to pile up.  What is there to do?  Well, there is yoga.  Sure it’s all the rage and yeah it’s been coined trendy but what’s wrong with that?

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Yoga glow. Mom and babe style.

Samantha is back!  Third time is a charm and THIS is a charmer.  She’s a yoga teacher who is taking her love of the practice to the yard and creating a space for moms to experience movement, breath and self care right along side their little ones!
How much do we love this?

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Summer shape-up challenge!

Remember back to our Spring Break challenge in March?  Remember how fun it was – all of us doing mini workouts together yet all over the globe (literally) and sending the “proof” via Facebook pictures? Well, since then we’ve had countless requests for that blog to be re-posted.  Will we post it again?  

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