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It’s “Juniors” month, and we are starting small! Planting the seeds and starting ’em young. Bring Your Own Baby to yoga is a great way to begin down your children’s path to health and wellness. Including children, and yes even infants, in our daily workouts sets a wonderful tone regarding the importance of being active. 

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Introducing a Kick-butt Beauty!

Oh do we have a treat for you!  So you’ve met our main “crew” -the trifecta of PN but what you don’t know is how immensely grateful we are for the other women and men in our lives that make Prescribe Nutrition what it is.  We believe whole heartedly that it takes a team of collaborators,

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It’s a workout challenge. Bring it.

Alright, get ready we’ve got something to rock your Spring break no matter where you are.  You know our gal, Molly Doyle, as in Molly from Fitness MD {she puts up tips, tools and some kick a$$ one-liners daily – give her a “like”}.  She gave us the smack down in New Year New Rules and she’s back to kick our butts!  

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