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Katie Turned.It.Up

Ladies and gents… we did it. 900 minutes of cycling, sweating, dancing, and THENsome = DONE. 20 SoulCycle classes in 30 days was the challenge and the challenge was accepted. Having been a fitness instructor myself for almost 10 years, I will be the first to say – I’ve never done anything like this before.

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The messy, the middle, and the magic.

“The messy is in the middle, but that’s where the magic happens”. Brene Brown
And if that isn’t the truth, well then, what the hell is?
I’m back. Okay, I never went away but I’m back to do a little follow up on this soul baring blog, dig into #fightthefall and talk about what I’ve learned in the middle.

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The New Prescribe Nutrition: Our Intention

Both fantastic questions. When our team began to talk about writing a blog on our intentions for our new site, there was zero hesitations. Of COURSE we want to tell you what we’ve built and why we’ve built it. That only feels right…but as I asked myself those two questions, it occurred to me –

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