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How to Make Coffee Healthy

Coffee. Healthy? Not healthy? It’s easy to get whiplash with the conflicting information out there, which is a real crying shame because for some people [insert: me] it’s the highlight of their day. The thing about coffee is that it’s a shining example of what we so often say at Prescribe Nutrition: it works for some,

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Best Blender Models – Breaking It Down

We use a blender almost daily so we thought we’d do a little throw down to figure out the best blender models. All of these listed below are great options depending on your budget and blending needs. Have a blender you’re obsessed with? Let us know in the comments!
Vitamix = the queen of blenders.

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Low Carb Smoothies

Orange Julius anyone? The junior high school me would be raising my hand high on this one. Who doesn’t love a sweet smoothie. I mean, we’re smitten at the sound of sweet. But, as many of you know, sweet (aka sugar) is a can ‘o worms that our society has lost its grip on.

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