Hey Collagen, We’re Obsessed With You

Today we are talking about our newest love affair: collagen. No, not stick a needle in your lips collagen, but the stuff that’s actually found within us, that’s part of our bodes and that we can consume. As we get older we lose collagen – it can be a play a huge role in how we age: skin, hair, nails, joint pain and more. But let’s back up a bit – what exactly is collagen? Well, don’t get all grossed out, but it’s a protein found in animal’s (humans too!) connective tissue, bones, hooves, hides…and yes, I’m about to tell you to eat it. Relax, I promise it’s okay.


As many health nuts have heard, making bone broth may just be one of the most nourishing things you can add to your diet. Why? Bone broth is made from bones, bones are filled with collagen, and collagen is the precursor to gelatin. Dietary sources of gelatin have all but disappeared from the modern diet, but not so long ago us humans used to eat a ton of gelatin rich broths, soups and less appetizing things like headcheese and calves feet. Collagen and gelatin are made from amino acids – the building blocks of proteins – but they are different than the amino acids we get from protein of the muscle meat we are so used to eating: chicken, beef, turkey, etc. We evolved eating the WHOLE animal, not just the muscle meat, and overtime it can be inflammatory. Dr. Ray Peat, a researcher in the field of nutrition, describes why excess consumption of muscle meats when consumed without the amino acids present in organ meats, bones, etc. can increase stress hormones and aging (yikes):

“Gelatin is a protein which contains no tryptophan, and only small amounts of cysteine, methionine, and histidine. Using gelatin as a major dietary protein is an easy way to restrict the amino acids that are associated with many of the problems of aging.[…] When only the muscle meats are eaten, the amino acid balance entering our blood stream is the same as that produced by extreme stress, when cortisol excess causes our muscles to be broken down to provide energy and material for repair…” (Read more)


But today I’m not here to tell you to eat head cheese or even to go out and make bone broth (but you should make bone broth, it’s so healthy and delish, but I digress…). Today, as promised, I’m talking about something easy that yields real results. As you now know we produce collagen in our bodies just like animals, but after the age of 25 that level of collagen starts to plummet. Side effects? Well, wrinkles for one…do I have your attention now? I was introduced to the stuff by our very own Anna Decker and we’ve both been taking it for over a month now and well, we’re sold. Let me tell you what this glorious collagen is famous for supporting, and why we want to support levels for the long haul:

  • Strong, healthy bones
  • Specifically nourishing for troubled digestive systems
  • Healthy hair – even promotes nice full eyebrows if you have thin ones
  • Strong, rapidly growing nails
  • Reduced joint pain and inflammation
  • Hormonal support and balancing
  • Skin, skin, skin: adds luminosity and plumpness to the skin, decreases fine lines, helps tighten loose skin, rumored to reduce cellulite (and we feel it’s true) – booya. Ladies – this stuff works.


We’re fans of collagen hydrolysate (just remember the green can) in particular because it’s much more easily dissolved in liquids than gelatin (the orange can), and has also been known to be more easily digestible and assimilated, particularly good for those with any digestive issues. Here’s a very helpful article on the difference between collagen hydrolysate and gelatin. Both collagen and gelatin are absolutely wonderful additions to the diet so do a little research and see which works best for you. You can also always create gelatin snacks, check out Wellness Mama’s great post on that very topic.


How do we take it? I take a heaping tablespoon of the collagen hydrolysate in my morning coffee or tea, and then aim to take another one later at night. Great Lakes recommends taking two heaping tablespoons of collagen hydrolysate per day. Here’s to feeling luminous.

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  • by Gina on

    Where do you buy this?

    • by Anna D on

      Hi Gina! We buy it from Amazon.

    • by Kevin on

      Buy it directly from GreatLakesGelatin.com The best deals are there and the 8 pound bag is by far the most economical way to purchase. This stuff has been the MAJOR game changer in my joint pain being completely eliminated over the past year. It’s the REAL DEAL! =)

      • by Katie Jasper on

        So great to hear it’s been a game changer for you – that stuff is the best!

  • by Shelley on

    Please tell me this comes in caplet form? I have really sensitive taste buds and I would have to hide it in something where I couldn’t taste it at all, and I’m not a coffee/tea drinker. I’d much rather take it in pill firm.

    • by Megan Morris on

      As far as we know the top quality brands that we prefer (grass-fed sourced bovine/porcine brands are recommended) don’t make it in capsule, but the good news is it has practically no taste at all! It mixes very well in water with lemon too.

    • by Alena on

      It comes in tablet form with no taste. You can get it at Walgreens, CVS, Amazon, Ebay, health food stores and all kinds of places online. I just started using it but am seeing results already. I take tablets. It’s 3 tablets AM and 3 tablets PM. They are sizable but I have no trouble swallowing them.

      • by Mega F on


        Is there any side effect if we take the tablet? Ang is there really working and have got good result?
        Thank you.

        • by Alena on

          Oh yes, Mega, there are results. It takes some time to see more of them but stay with it. I can’t recall how long I’ve taken it but maybe a month. Here are the changes I see. My skin is plumping up more in my face and that is good since I’m going on 66yrs. But it’s not a plumping that makes my face look fat. It’s just improvement, plus my skin glows. Also my nails and hair are healthier and stronger. It looks like my hair has grown 2 inches in the past month. Not sure but it’s very noticeable. I’m looking for other changes but I think more comes with time. I’m very happy with the product. Stay with it to see more change. It definitely works. Best wishes! Alena

    • by Carman on

      I put it in hot water every morning
      I read it should taken on empty tummy to get full benifits.
      I can not taste it at all
      I put two table spoons in about 2-3 cups of warm water as I drink lots of water.

      • by Alena on

        I don’t know if it comes in caplets. I take tablets. If that is too much, since the tablets are larger, try to crush them. I don’t find them difficult to swallow at all. They’re smooth. But some don’t like swallowing large tablets. Make it work for you if you can’t find caplets. I don’t find it difficult but you can work around it if you do. It’s worth it for the benefits. I’m very happy with the results after a month. Stronger nails, hair is growing, skin is filling out and glowing. I am eager to see the future benefits with this.

  • by Mae on

    would this be appropriate as a protein source in a smoothie….instead of a protein powder??

    • by Megan Morris on

      It would!

      • by Mae on

        Thx for response…what about for kids, any info on that? I have a 12, 10 & 7 yr old.

        • by Megan Morris on

          It’s fine for kids as well! You may just want to start with half dose (half tablespoon) to make sure they tolerate digestively.

          • by Mae on

            Thank u!!

  • by Elizabeth on

    I am from Canada how can I get this product , can you help me

    • by Katie Jasper on

      Hi Elizabeth! We don’t have any affiliation with this product other than our experience and review. have you tried Amazon!?

    • by Alena on

      Maybe you’ve found your answer by now. But Ebay ships globally and they sometimes have great prices on collagen. I use Collagen’s Beauty Builder and it’s sold on Ebay. You can find good prices at times there. Better than a drugstore at times.

  • by Karen on

    Can this be taken while nursing?

    • by Katie Jasper on

      It can, Karen but we are always urging our pregnant and nursing moms to approve any new additions/supplements with your Physician. I hope that helps!

  • by Carri on

    Hi! Just discovered this stuff – specifically the Collagen Hydrolysate. Definitely tastes gross if dissolved solely in water, but totally fine in a smoothie or with warm soy/almond milk.
    Question – I’ve been taking this only about a week now and am feeling really bloated. Didn’t notice it the first few days but now my stomach is like a balloon, and I feel totally water-logged, no matter how little I eat or drink. Could this be the collagen? If so, does this effect go away?

    • by Megan Morris on

      Oh boy – if that’s the case you may want to cut it out and see if it goes away! Everyone reacts differently to things so you never know. I hope you’re seeing some relieft.

    • by shelly on

      I read on another site that you have to take it slowly to allow your body time.to process it. Sounds like perhaps you should reduce your collagen intake to 1/2 teaspoon daily and then build up from there.
      Good luck…

    • by Donna on

      I’ve been taking it for a week now, and I notice that I feel bloated, as well. I also notice that my weight has increased by two pounds for no reason, as I had been steadily loosing weight. I really want to reap the benefits, and am wondering if your bloating went away?

  • by Julie on

    Is this safe for kids?

    • by Katie Jasper on

      Hey Julie – that’s a great question and we always tread lightly when it comes to the kiddos. I would hold off and ask your pediatrician on this one. We want to be uber careful suggesting to anyone else than adults on this one!

  • by Beverly Aldrich on

    Will it help or hurt to take more than the recommended dosage?

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