Are Prescribe Nutrition programs right for me if…

I have food sensitivities or avoid certain foods?
Our team works with you to make this program effective for you and your body. All of the recipes in our recipe packet are free of gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugars. Avoiding other foods? You can adapt your or your family’s needs to all of our programs.

I’m confused which program to take, Prescribe 20 or Prescribe Balance?
Truly either.Prescribe 20 goes more in depth with an elimination diet – it includes 3 tiered eating plans that are designed to help you uncover what type of dietary style works best for you.Prescribe Balance goes more in depth with the connection between food and your body – focusing on digestive and hormonal information. We like to call Prescribe 20 our foundation program, but Prescribe Balance can speak more directly to certain people dealing with specific issues.

Read thoroughly about each program on this site. If both speak to you, we suggest to just start in the next available program because as we know from experience, when you’re ready, you’re ready.

I’m a vegetarian or a vegan?
We have several vegetarian and vegan options that are clearly marked in our recipe packet. Many vegetarians and vegans have had great success in our programs.

I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?
Well first, congratulations! There is no better time to upgrade nutrition then the early stages of growth. Whole foods in your body ultimately work towards a healthy immune for your baby. Consuming a whole foods diet while nursing, specifically what we call our “PN Protocol,” can result in better sleep, moods and so much more.  If you’re pregnant and/or breastfeeding and this type of eating is a big shift for you, we simply ask that you let us know on the discussion boards. We’ll work with you to navigate the right path for you, to help avoid detox symptoms and any changes with your milk supply while breastfeeding. The great news is that eating a Prescribe Nutrition approved diet is going to give you and your your baby constant nutrients – like whoa.

I’ll be traveling for part or all of the program?
We truly stand behind our motto ‘nutrition for real life’. While traveling can add an extra layer of complication in life, we’re here to support you through your trip. So many of our participants partake in our programs while they’re on the road. Life is busy! You can either a) dive into the program whole heartedly and do your best to adapt while on the road (ahem, real life), or b) simply set a later “start date” for yourself. It’s up to you! Prescribe 20 has an entire Travel & On The Go series that includes restaurant and airport guides as well as tips for making it work while on the move. Prescribe Balance doesn’t have any travel focused material but we are here to help you on the discussion boards!

I am only cooking for myself? or I am cooking for my entire family?
You bet! Nearly all of our recipes are at least two servings but you can easily multiply or divide to get the desired amount of servings. We’re big fans of leftovers as well as foods the whole family can get on board with. Expect taste buds to be wowed!

I live in _____?
Our programs are done entirely online so you’re in luck! The Prescribe Nutrition team moderates the discussion board from 8am-10pm CST every day during the program so that it the only ‘time sensitive’ piece to the program. You can always catch up and/or post comments or questions when it works for your schedule. We’ll connect back with you when we’re online!

I want to lose weight?
While we don’t make the focus of our programs weight loss, many of our participants see that as an added bonus. Weight loss is tough territory and although we’d like to see results based on efforts that make sense and feel good, sometimes there’s a larger ball at play here. Related factors can involve hormones, medications, stress, exercise, and thyroid imbalances, it’s different for everyone.

Three weeks is a great period of time to start to see some results, but in actuality it is short. Prescribe Nutrition is not a diet. It’s shifting the way you eat for the long haul, for long term results. Post program, we encourage you to keep on track, continuing the PN protocol. Sometimes our bodies (especially if you’ve chronically dieted) can ‘hold on’ a little longer because they know another change might be coming.

Last but not least – stress. It’s a bear. Despite all our best efforts, if we are stressed our bodies physiological response will kick in and create a chemistry that we have little control over. And chronic dieting? That’s just another form of stress. We invite you to take a peek at where stress lives in your life that you can address that may help alleviate any extra load you might carry.

I’m counting: calories, fat, carbs, etc?
We like to call this an evolution from dieting because not all calories are created equal. We want you to start a new communication with you body. This communication is that you are fueling your body with the nutrients it needs to feel its best.

We are taking dieting out of a box because one size does not fit all and each person’s needs are different. Gender, age, activity and metabolism all determine the amount of food each of us needs. On days of exercise, you might need more. Some days you may be more genuinely hungry and as long as you evaluate hunger as being a need for food, vs. stress or emotions, you’re on the right track.

We don’t want you to be hungry. When it doubt, drink water and eat. We know that it can be a little uncomfortable when portion sizes and calorie counting was something you’ve come accustomed to, but rest assure this equation will balance out. But if tracking calories is a must for you, our program may not be the best fit. We want everyone to find success in their own way!

Am scared of detox symptoms?
We hear you. Eliminating food if you’ve never done it before can sometimes feel like a shock to the body. Keep in mind this is not a juice cleanse, a fast or anything like that. You’ll be eating whole foods, and plenty of them!  

Our main message to you is that there is so much to consider when cleaning up your diet. Some individuals are removing all the big culprits, such as processed foods, caffeine, sugar, gluten and dairy for the first time. That’s a lot. Even just one or two can have profound effects on our bodies. All are very addictive in their own chemical make up and can present some decent withdrawal or detox symptoms; things like headaches, low energy, irritability, skin breakouts, and hunger. Others individuals might immediately be on cloud nine and feel like the veil has been lifted. They are singing and dancing all over the discussion boards and you’re feeling like ‘what the what ?!?’ Just like we are all unique individuals whose bodies operate in very different ways, this process is going to be unique to you. This is a short journey and expect to see great results, but sometimes certain days can feel tough. Remember these 20 days are just the beginning – we didn’t get to where are overnight so it’s crucial to consider it a healing process. Great things are coming your way!