Five Tips for Your Most Happy Summer Yet

Event is over, BUT recordings & presentation are yours below!

Join us Tuesday, June 2nd at 12:00 or 8:00 pm CST as we go gangbusters with some practical, useable and, yes, fun tips so you can feel like your best self this Summer.

and… it’s FREE. Free, free, all yours.


For many of us Summer is coveted time of the year. The weather warms, pools open, schedules change, kids are out of school, vacations are in effect, BBQ’s abound, happy hours turn into starry nights…and so much more. Do we pack it all in? You know it, but, do you ever feel like you got your ass kicked half way through the Summer? Those cute new capris are oddly snug, energy levels are groggy at best, skin is greasy and flaring up and you’re not sure WHAT to eat at another BBQ. We get it. Weeks of fun can sometimes turn into feeling uncomfortable in your own skin – and that is not your best self. We love all that comes with Summer but we’re right there with you. By Sunday night you feel like you could just curl up in your oversized sweats.


Hop on this 75 minute call as we dig into our best tips for your happiest Summer yet.

Join us on Tuesday June 2nd at 12pm or 8pm CST as we dig in (calls will be recorded)!  Access to the discussion can be done via phone or computer.  You’ll receive the details after registering, as well as a reminder email prior to the call.

5 Tips for Your Most Happy Summer Yet

Recording of the 12pm CST call

Recording of the 8pm CST call

(there are directions on how to save them to your computer/iTunes once you click to listen)

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