Momentum… it’s all about momentum

Motivation is quite a word.  It holds so much power and expectation.  We wait for it… some days desperately.  
When it comes to health and wellness, motivation is likely a big part of your success and also can be a big part of your “failure” {I hate that word… I like to say “opportunity”}…  

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Tis the season for some old school favorites

Now is the time of year when nostalgia sets in!  We can’t help but gravitate to some oldie but goodies. There’s just something about a really good {or ridiculously funny} holiday movie to make it all right! Here’s our favs.  What are yours?
Megan & Anna are Home Alone

 Anna loves her Christmas Story

 Katie &

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Did YOU know?

At Prescribe Nutrition we want you to know. Keys to better health and nutrition shouldn’t be a secret. It takes knowing to really get it, to make healthy, long lasting changes, and to feed your body better. New Year New Rules is stacked with just that –

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