Forget eliminating. Just upgrade. Ice Cream? No problem.

Me? I love ice cream. It’s delicious, I mean what’s not to love? My friend was pretty amped when I suggested we make our own ‘winter mint chip.’  But are you saying…”Hey…whoa, slow down…thought this website was about nutrition?” Well, you’re right, it is, but being healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorites forever.

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Detoxing As A Family

I know… we aren’t calling New Year New Rules a “detox” per se, because it’s FULL of food.  But it’s the best way to articulate a carved out period of time in which we rest our bodies of the gunk.

You might be curious about how a detox goes when you’re the chef of your kitchen and cooking for a family.

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Here we are, another new year…can you believe it?  I can’t. 2013. I remember thinking that by 2013 we’d be eating just like the Jetsons. We’d simply tell Rosie what we want and she’d go tell the wall machine thing and poof! out would come our scrambled eggs with toast (crust cut off).

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