10 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar

What’s the deal with Apple Cider Vinegar? I hear this question a lot. Working with clients with digestive issues, I keep Apple Cider Vinegar in my ‘toolbox.’ It helps alleviate  digestive distress, detoxes the liver, clears skin and much, much more. Something it’s hugely helpful with is chronic acid reflux…a biggie for lots of people.

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New Year | New Rules

Why? Because life is busy, stress exists and healthy eating is challenging. Especially post holidays. Maybe you’ve tried a million diets. Maybe you can’t shake constant bloat or fatigue. Perhaps you’re dealing with some more deep-rooted concerns and don’t know where to begin. Yeah, been there. Well, don’t worry. You found the spot.

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The Art of a Green Smoothie

Green smoothies are everywhere these days. Health nuts love them, moms hide vegetables in them and folks who hate salad have found their way. Even my roommate who ‘hates’ vegetables now makes them daily. He just calls them his morning milkshake.

Nutritionally speaking, it’s unwise to assume a store bought smoothie is up to par with your home made version.

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