Sayonara Dairy + Giveaway Winner

Is it time to say goodbye to dairy?  More and more people are considering it, and an increasing amount of health professionals are recommending it.  Why would we give up something we grew up on, something we were told “does a body good?”  Mark Bittman writes a good argument on why you may want to consider passing on dairy in “Got Milk?

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Giveaway Monday

Happy Monday! Do you know what today is? Giveaway Monday!  What does today’s giveaway include? 
-1 free entry to participate in New Year | New Rules.-1 free personal nutrition consultation with either of the co-founders: Katie Jasper Health or The Root of Health
Just in case you forgot…Here’s te low down on New Year | New Rules

I’m sure you’re wondering how to enter.

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Real food goes bad.

Almost could just be a one-liner.  My clients ask all the time, how do you know what food is good and what isn’t… fairly simple statement – real food goes bad.


The enzymes in foods that cause them to rot at room temperature are the same enzymes that we actively need in our bodies to keep in functioning well.  

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