Give-a-way – urban gardening!

Ready to garden?

For you Minnesotans gardening season might seem like it’s a bit far away {hello high of 7 degrees} but we think it’s just right.  What is more exciting is that if you like me, gardening can be a little scary.  I know… scary?  This year I’ve committed to garden it up –

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Why? Because the truth is sugar is…well… not good for you, and just like many, I have a soft spot for sugar. Some of my fondest memories of childhood revolve around baking with my mom or my afternoon snack: the beloved Ding Dongs & Ho-Hos. Sad but true. The first thing I say to anyone wanting to improve their diet is this: cut out the refined sugar.

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Momentum… it’s all about momentum

Motivation is quite a word.  It holds so much power and expectation.  We wait for it… some days desperately.  
When it comes to health and wellness, motivation is likely a big part of your success and also can be a big part of your “failure” {I hate that word… I like to say “opportunity”}…  

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