The Art of a Green Smoothie

Green smoothies are everywhere these days. Health nuts love them, moms hide vegetables in them and folks who hate salad have found their way. Even my roommate who ‘hates’ vegetables now makes them daily. He just calls them his morning milkshake.

Nutritionally speaking, it’s unwise to assume a store bought smoothie is up to par with your home made version.

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Homemade Dried Fruit

Homemade Dried Fruit is one of my favorite snacks. I like it because I know exactly what’s in it…100% whole fruit. The kind of dried fruit that you get at the store usually has additional ingredients, such as preservatives, salt, and sugar. These ingredients are added to “enhance” flavor and prolong shelf life.

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What is Oil Pulling?

What sounds better than vigorously swishing oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes? What’s that you say? Everything? Well, if you can get through the first two or three attempts, you might come to find that you love it {that’s my story, anyway}. 

Oil pulling is an old Ayurvedic practice in which you pull oil through your teeth (think along the lines of a really thorough swishing). 

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