Top 5 Superfoods

It’s piping hot out there so we’re continuing the conversation on healthy smoothies. You know what takes a smoothie from basic to badass? Superfoods. Today we’re shouting out our top 5 superfoods that not only up the health factor, but that make smoothies taste dyn-o-mite.  Superfoods can really kick your snack or meal up a notch,

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Healthy Smoothies: Made Simple

It’s sweet summertime. Life gets busy, we’re home less, there’s back to back activities and snacks and meals are on the go. We’ve been leaning on healthy smoothies this summer, surprise, surprise. And why not? They’re cold, refreshing and downright delish, all while cramming in veggies your day may not otherwise see.

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Constipation Causes: How to be regular

No we’re not talking normal.  What is normal?  Who knows?  Normal is boring right?  We’re talking about being regular, as in, daily ‘movements,’ a good working ‘system,’ ‘dropping the kids off at the pool, doo-doo’…yes people, we are talking poop. So let’s get a little giggle in…and now talk some shop.

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