Mindfulness: often a missing piece of the puzzle. We are thrilled to have a Prescribe Nutrition super member Scott with us today to wrap up our campaign on food-body-mind. Scott reminds us how mindfulness plays a huge role in our health. Scott, we’re ready for you to sprinkle some of that mindfulness on us,

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Blood Type Diet: What’s the Story?

What if a blood type diet held the blueprint for all of your body’s needs – dietary, exercise, disease prevention, emotional health, etc.  If you are thinking, Puh-lease, not another theory on diets! I wouldn’t fault you. And just like every other theory regarding how we are designed to eat,

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My Relationship With A Scale – How To Lose Weight

I hate the scale. When I think about stepping on the scale my palms get clammy and my anxiety peaks. It’s a Pavlovian response. I see a scale and immediately conjure up all those visits at the doctors over the years. The nurses say “Okay now get on the scale,” and I say,

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