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Us too! We anxiously await official kickoff, this Sunday, we wanted to give you a quick breakdown of how the Prescribe 20 2016 Member Page will function, log in details and how to access everything to start feeling your best, pronto.

All of our programs are run on a separate website which allows us to have interactive dialogue on the ever popular, customized discussion board. You’ll be able to ask us all the questions you may have to the PN team. In the Prescribe 20 Home Base page you will find general instructions for utilizing the site, but please be sure to read below for logging in and finding your way around:

  1. You can head to the Member Page by hitting the log in button below,  entering your email, and clicking “Forgot Your Password.” Be sure to use the email you registered with. *PN alumni, you can just use all your previous credentials as this program will be added to your Course Beyond program hub.  However, if you used a different email, you would then have to create a new log in.
  2. You will be sent an email prompting you to set a new password. Set your desired password and log back in. Write it down!
  3. Click on the Prescribe 20 2016 link to enter the page. The Member Page will house all the materials. We will add materials as the program progresses, for which you will get daily emails reminders.
  4. Check out the calendar, it will give you a good review of what to expect in the coming weeks.
  5. A word on structure and what to eat: We have 3 phases and offer a ton of structure in this program, check out the details on the home page and in the packet for different protocols.  Be sure to check out the calendar and the packet to get a clear understanding of what to eat and when!
  6. The Member page includes the Discussion Board where you can ask questions directly to the PN team. We’re online now, hit us up!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions, but for the purpose of the group, posting on the Discussion Board helps all of us learn and grow! Emails you see with the title appendage “[Prescribe 20]” are from us, so be sure to check them! Get ready to feel fantastic.

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