Prescribe Connection

We’re so so excited to [continue] to give you what you’ve been asking for all along.

“… can we PLEASE keep the discussion boards open post program?!”

It’s our most common question. We hear it all the time, so we finally decided to make it happen. Exclusive to alumni, we’re opening a brand new discussion board for you to check in with us and the Prescribe Nutrition community. We’re offering a three month package for $57. The first grouped kicked off this fall and the boards are-a-buzzing. After many requests, we’re opening the doors for more to join Prescribe Connection. We’re going to navigate 2016 TOGETHER.

Talk about a party!

Grab Your Prescribe Connection Spot Here

Check out the discussion board activity from the opening weekend of Prescribe Connection. 

Bonuses for 2016? You know it.

    • Monthly LIVE calls. Yes, you and us on the phone. Together.
    • All past program* recipe packets.
    • And a brand spanking new tab where you share your meal plans for inspiration with each other!

*these packets will be from all archived (no longer running) programs.

Here is the not-so-fine-print:

      • This is just the beginning. We have big plans for Prescribe Nutrition but we’re starting with what we can right now. Why not, right? This will continue to grow into a badass offering.
      • As always, the discussion boards will be open 24/7 but moderated from 8am-10pm CST. To be transparent with you from the beginning, the turnaround on posts will not be as immediate as in a typical program. We are committing to a 4 hour response time.
      • What is it? An ongoing discussion board – consider it your nutrition support center. What this isn’t? A live program. This is a space for you to use all you’ve learned from Prescribe Nutrition programs and keep up the momentum with the PN team and community.
      • You will continue to have access to all of your past programs and materials.
      • Discussions, bonus materials, giveaways and surprises along the way – you guys, we can hardly wait.

Again, this is just for alumni (you’re our people). Have a friend or family member that’s interested in PN? Refer them to a program and then they will have the option to jump in on the Prescribe Connection fun.

Grab Your Prescribe Connection Spot Here