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It’s here! We are so excited to launch our affiliate referral program.  We see you Facebooking, Instagramming, oh and even Tweeting us and our programs, so it’s about time we officially set up a way you can get a little extra love for sharing the love!


Here’s the deal. There’s a fairly standard way to create an affiliate program…and then there’s us.  We want to keep things new and exciting.  This page will change from time to time with new offerings and incentives for YOU.  Brilliant? That’s our hope!

Take a moment to fill out this form that will tap us on the shoulder to set up a customized code for you to share with your network. Once that code is active, we’ll send you a confirmation email, so you can begin to share it.  You’re friends and followers will get 20% off our programs and then, depending on the program, you’ll get a fantastic reward.

Prescribe Nutrition Alumni Affiliates.

Set up your PN alumni codes today.
  • You suggest a code you'd like to share and we'll try to make it happen. 'eatwell' 'jennys team' - etc.

We’re kicking this new feature off with our Prescribe Balance program. Let’s Thrive. Thrive Market that is.

  • Refer 2 friends to Prescribe Nutrition Program with your code, and you’ll receive a 3-month membership to Thrive on us.
  • Refer 4 friends toPrescribe Nutrition Program with your code,and you’ll receive a 6-month membership to Thrive on us.
  • Refer 6 friends toPrescribe Nutrition Program with your code, and you’ll receive a YEAR membership to Thrive on us.


Why shop Thrive? Well it’s like a little PN market on the web. Beyond that, it’s socially conscious and while you can shop Amazon [oh we love our Amazon] we like supporting cool companies that are doing fantastic things. The reason Thrive has a membership fee is to carry such responsible brands at a discount where members can shop 2,500 of the highest quality food, supplements, home, personal care, and beauty products from more than 400 of the best brands on the market, all delivered straight to their doors at 25-50% below retail prices! Whoa. Even more, Thrive has a 1-to-1 giving program. For every membership they have, they give one to a low income family! Something we really get behind.

Keep in mind, you’ll have to be a sleuth if you’re following one of our protocols, as not all Thrive products are PN Program approved. But you’re already good at that!

So let’s go!  You deserve a good HEALTHY pat on the back!

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