Probiotics got you down?


So probiotics are a topic that’s everywhere these days.  Health magazines, newspapers, medical publications, blogs and TV shows all are brimming with new information on how  live flora can benefit {and are needed} for our overall health. Hey, we won’t argue there. We are HUGE supporters of probiotics.  The reality is we just don’t live in the same world our ancestors did, and we’ve got to support ourselves in way we once never had to.  Planet Earth is a tough place these days!  Lots of wild things our bodies have to deal with.

But this post isn’t about the pros or cons of probiotics.  We are pro.  There, we said it.  In our our Prescribe 20 program we’ll hear people mentioned they’ve had some not so pleasant side effects when they first started popping the probiotics – think nausea, stomach aches.  What’s happening?  We thought these were supposed help us feel better, especially digestively!!  Well, let’s discuss, shall we?


What’s happening is an unfortunate reaction that some people experience called the Herxheimer Reaction.  It’s essentially a detoxification process that can result in you feeling worse before you feel better. It’s thought to happen when  toxins from dying bacteria, viruses, bacteria and of course, yeast overgrowth, overwhelm the body’s abilities to clear them out.  Symptoms can be nausea / digestive issues but also headaches, fatigue, skin rashes, muscle aches, overall mild flu like symptoms.   This can happen during several treatment plans for serious illnesses, such as Lyme’s disease, other autoimmune conditions or after heavy rounds of antibiotics.  BUT – it can also happen simply when one starts to implement a whole foods diet and begins taking probiotics!  It can be alarming because all we hear about are the great effects of probiotics (of which there are countless) but it’s important to know potential side effects as well.

So what to do if that happens to you?

  • Don’t stop taking them – this period will pass. Simply downgrade your dose to every other day or cut in half.
  • It will usually not last more than 3-7 days.
  • Instead of taking on an empty stomach (which is when probiotics are most effective) for the time being start taking with food.  You can change to taking on an empty stomach after your body has adjusted.
  • *Be sure to know the quality of your probiotic.  All supplements are not created equal!  Check for fillers or ingredients that might not jive with your system.  

So give yourself a pat on the back for getting friendly with your micro-biome and taking care of your gut, your body and your health.  Bacteria, we love you little guys.

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  • by Sarah Siegel on

    Can you tell me a handful of trustworthy brands? I’m always worried that the vitamins, supplements and probiotics I get for myself and my kids are all they claim to be. I am particularly suspicious of the children’s vitamins since my kids will only eat the gummy variety which seem a hard to believe are more than candy.
    Thanks for your help.

    • by Megan Morris on

      Sure! We love MegaFoods, Dr. Ohirra, Metagenics, Jarrow and Renew Life, but there are more!

      • by dani on

        metagenics are amazing. just remember to keep in the fridge!

  • by Sharon on

    Thank you so much for this article! What do you think of Floramend? I have been spending the past several months trying to figure out my food sensitivities and kept a good diary. I realized that whenever I took the probiotic with a food that I am sensitive to..that I would end up with extreme cramping right before I went to sleep. I think I am finally getting a hold on my diet. Is floramend a good one?

    • by Katie Jasper on

      Hi Sharon! Glad you found this post helpful. You are referring to Thorne’s probiotics? Yes! They make fabulous products. One capsule is 5 billion CFU’s and we’d recommend at least that if not 10 bil/day. Congrats on getting to know your body/diet – sure does feel awesome, doesn’t it!?

  • by Lenette on

    Do you have any thoughts on Shaklee products? Also, what are your thoughts on taking prebiotics along with probiotics? I’m new to your site and I’m excited to absorb all of the information! I have had IBS or gut issues for years and I am exhausted. I’ve read recently about apple cider vinegar and it’s benefits to the gut do you have any suggestions to drinking that any easier?

    • by Megan Morris on

      We have not used Shaklee products though there seem to be quite a few that they offer. We can’t speak to their efficacy though as we have no experience with them, apologies on that! Taking prebiotics with probiotics needs to be viewed on a case to case basis – for example someone with severe SIBO should NOT take prebiotics but someone with Candida overgrowth may benefit, unfortunately it all involves some deep digging. We LOVE apple cider vinegar but the truth is – we just take shots diluted with a bit of oil, sometimes a squeeze of lemon. Takes a while but shockingly I’m somewhat used to it now.

      • by Cherri Thellenz on

        My apple cider concoction tastes like a margarita. I try to drink it 3 times a day. Ingredients:
        1 tsp Raw Honey
        6-8 oz Water
        2 tbs Apple Cider Vinegar
        1 tsp Maple Syrup

  • by Marci on

    I started taking extra probiotiics to try to get rid of a yeast infection that began after I started a new diabetes medicine. It didn’t get rid of the yeast problem and in fact it has also brought on top of that some painful blisters in the same area. 🙁 Today I had nausea, so I went back to taking only 1 probiotic (5 billion 15 strains). I assume the new diabetes med is the problem, but should I stop taking the probiotic if it is making things worse? I want to keep taking one per day for now, and I just dont know if the probiotic is causing a die-off effect that will get better, or if maybe the diabetes med is causing the yeast infection, or maybe I am not getting enough medicine since low blood sugar can cause yeast infection and nausea. So much to figure out. Thank you.

    • by Jill on

      Marci sweetie, probiotics ARE good bacteria, a yeast infection is an overgrowth of good bacteria!! Stop taking them!! You can resume when your yeast infection is gone. I take very little probiotics because I eat and drink a lot of dairy (the main source of probiotics). So if you eat or drink a lot of vinegar, or dairy, you may not need to take any or very little. It all depends on each individuals diet. You can also eat yogurt or take a shot of vinegar, or veggies marinated in vinegar instead of pill supplements. Ironically I have heard complaints of nausea, a shot of vinegar will restore ph balance in stomach, curing or preventing nausea as well as give a person all they in natural probiotics.

      • by Katie Jasper on

        Thanks for this great dialogue. So interesting to hear all your experiences. I’d like to point out that yeast is, however, not overgrowth of good bacteria. Yeast and bacteria are in a constant strive for balance and when bacteria (good and bad) is tapped down (many times via antibiotics) then yeast increases in an effort to balance out. We personally don’t recommend dairy as a trusted source of probiotics. While yogurt has some probiotics – it’s not a therapeutic levels. Fermented foods are an excellent source of whole food probiotics!

      • by david on

        Yeast overgrowth isnt from good bacteria its from not having enough good which is why we get candida yeast infections in the first place. The bad bacteria YEAST is able to multiply as there isnt enough good to keep it undercontrol, keep taking the probiotics as the die off should only last 1-2 weeks

        • by Annette on

          Thank you David. I was so confused by the comment to Marci. I thought probiotics we’re supposed to be helpful for yeast infection. Every time I take an antibiotic I have to take diflucan for a yeast infection. Recently I was hospitalized for two staph infections in my bones that were a result of a surgery. I was on IV antibiotics in the hospital and then at home for about six weeks. They were heavy duty. One was Vancomycin and one was Cubicin. They were so hard on my system and I’ve had a lot of side effects. My doctor said the white spots in the back of my throat are yeast. I have the same spots vaginally. I’ve been off the mess now for a few weeks. My stomach and gut were really upset by all this. Probably due to the Osteomyelitis and the antibiotics. I’ve also had so much trouble with constipation. I thought after some reading that probiotics would be helpful. I bought some and have only taken two so far and now the nausea is worse and from what I read that can happen until your body gets used to them. When I read Jill’s answer to Marci I got so confused. Now I read yours and feel better as what you say is what I understood. FYI I’m taking RenewLife Ultimate Flora 50 Billion. The two I’ve taken were both yesterday, one in the morning and one last night. The directions say one a day. Maybe I should try with food for awhile or switch to only one a day. I realize they probably aren’t the best and so maybe I’ll switch next time. Thank you David 🙂

          • by Krysia on

            Sometimes probiotics come from yeast bacteria so It makes sense that probiotics could be feeding your yeast infection.

          • by ag on

            I just want you to know that I bought a bottle of that ultimate flora and it was “dead”. I would try a different brand.

        • by Annette on

          Thank you David 🙂

        • by Dr b on

          Um…yeast aren’t bacteria

    • by david on

      Keep taking the probiotics there helping kill the yeast not causing it

  • by john yoo on

    I’ve been taking hyperbiotics probiotics which i purchased from amazon and been taking it a week and half now and have noticed the past couple of days nausea. I actually puked a little yesterday and today. Is this normal?

    • by Megan Morris on

      Hi John –
      People can have different reactions to all things, and probiotics can absolutely triggers some gut issues for some people – it’s not hugely common but also not entirely uncommon. I looked at the ingredients and they have several different strains – many of which are powerful – and some that aren’t all that common. You may want to go to a more gentle, easier to tolerate brand that focuses on bifido infantis and lactobacillus. Hope this helps!

  • by Stephanie on

    Hi! I found this article super helpful. I started taking Digestive Advantage, not sure if that is a good brand or not, but I have been feeling all of these symptoms. ie: nausea, gas, bloating, etc. I am happy to know the probiotics are working 🙂 I have extreme stomach issues, IBS, the works! I am crossing my fingers this will help. One question I do have, I am lactose intolerant, is there any lactose in probiotics?

    • by Megan Morris on

      Hi Stephanie – glad the article was helpful! I’m not too familiar with Digestive Advantage, but I looked at their ingredients. There is no milk or lactose in these, but some probiotics do in fact contain it so you really always have to look. If your symptoms don’t subside within a week you may want to consider switching to a different brand. All probiotics are different as they contain different strains, so it’s somewhat individual as to how well they work. If this one doesn’t start to settle, we love the brands Megafood, Metagenics, Dr. Ohirra and Renew Life – all pretty easy to find at Whole Foods or online.

  • by Carrie kinkade on

    I take 80 billion live Raw probitics for women over 50 2 to 3 times a day, can this cause nausea or any other problems? Is it too much?

    • by Megan Morris on

      Hi Carrie – it’s impossible to say because it’s different for everyone! With people with chronic digestive problems it can be good, other people it may trigger symptoms. Working with someone one on one can help you figure out the best protocol.

  • by Tami on

    I’ve treated for Lyme disease with antibiotics. Came off them several months ago and just now starred probiotics again. I started integrative probiotic pearls yesterday. I’m thinking all the gas, nausea and bloating is major die off? Also, have you heard of this brand called Integrative?

    • by Megan Morris on

      We have! That’s a good brand. The truth is it can be different for everyone – people react quite differently to all different type of probiotics, but, the symptoms you’re describing are EXTREMELY common for die off. What we would recommend is that you stick with them for a minimum of 2 weeks, and if you don’t see improvement, try another brand! Work with your doctor or health professional on this. Best of luck!

  • by Anna Wood on

    Hi there. This is a fantastic article.
    I have been plagued with nausea, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain and bloating as well as weight loss for the past ten years. The doctors don’t know what it is and I’m at my wits end. It’s ruining my life. Do you have any advice?

    • by Sarah on

      Anna – consider being evaluated for celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and bacterial dysbiosis (overgrowth of bad bacteria, which has now become an accepted diagnosis in the medical community). A good GI can also test you for food allergies, which can cause gut symptoms and the associated weight loss, and can also test your digestive enzymes.

  • by megan on

    I started probiotics after ankle surgery. I have psoriasis and it has flaired up drastically since i started the probiotic. I thought it was supposed to help!?

  • by megan on

    also im taking a very low dose

    • by Megan Morris on

      It’s tough to say Megan because every one and every body is so different! You may want to work with a practitioner to get to the bottom of it it – you could be reacting to a certain strain of the probiotic, or you be experiencing something known as ‘die off’ which means it could get worse before it gets better. If it’s been more than one month I’d connect with an integrative physician or naturopath to dig in deeper!

  • by Violet on

    I need help. I took some acidophilus for my perioral dermatitis and within 2 days of taking it, my stool changed (more constipation), my bowel movements were perfect before. Immediately after I get horrible nausea but am unable to vomit. I’ve had this nausea every morning for a few days now and I stopped taking the probiotics 3 days ago. Actually the nausea is worse now that I stopped. Taking them again is not an option, as I went to the dermatologist and got minocyclene for my face instead. Can you tell me how much longer I will have to endure that nausea every morning? I leave the country in 2 days and I’m stressing horribly. I don’t know how I’m going to travel like this. I was on the probiotics for 7-8 days and off them for an additional 3. Also a lot of belching accompanied by the nausea, no other gas though. I’m so desperate for help. I won’t get into the doc till later today and I’m couch ridden. I’m hungry but can’t get food down without gagging. This is awful! I very much regret trying new pills without researching more.

  • by Gary on

    Any experiences with Andrew Lessman’s ProLab Friendly Flora Probiotics? It is 5 billion in strength. Day 3…nausea, dizziness, nothing I can’t handle and hoping it’s a simple die-off effect. Fingers crossed.

    • by Megan Morris on

      Haven’t used those Gary – sorry to hear you were feeling so crummy! I hope things have turned around.

    • by G Greer on

      Hello Gary
      Yes I started taking these 2 days ago. Today at day 2 I started getting diarrhea and headache. So something is working and praying its die off

    • by Sophia on

      I took Andrew lessman brand and I have been having the same issues nausea gas diarrhea. I stopped taking them , and I am still not feeling well.

  • by Selena Sanchez on

    So I just started taking garden of life raw probiotics for women for 2 days now and just last night i had a low grade fever of 100.3 that went away when i woke up but now today i have a headache. I am also a nursing mother and was wondering if these side effects are normal?
    What do you recommend? 🙂

    • by Megan Morris on

      Hi Selena! Because you’re nursing we really recommend checking in with your mother. It’s not a likely side affect a probiotic would do that, but best to check in with your doc 🙂

  • by Stephanie on

    Hi!! I am lactose intolerant and I tried researching some probiotics that are friendly for us lactose intolerant folks! I had a hard time finding one, and got overwhelmed by all the ingredients. Can you recommend a good probiotic supplement that is good for lactose intolerant people 🙂 Thank you so much!

  • by Bethany on

    I took my very first dose today and feeling nauseated. But I guess that means it’s working. Would you mind letting me know if the one I’m taking is a good one? This one has a few things in it that are good for belly fat supposedly (reuteri, gasseri..not sure what else helps) when dieting..which is mainly what I’d like it to help me with. But it is Swanson Vitamins- Lee Swanson signature line Ulimate Probiotic Formula (blue bottle)

  • by Bethany on

    Yikes my comment posted before I was finished with it so it will show another one but this is the completed one. lol
    I took my very first dose today and feeling nauseated. But I guess that means it’s working. Please, would you mind letting me know if the one I’m taking is a good one? This one has a couple things in it that I think are good for belly fat when dieting (L reuteri, L gasseri which is blended with B bifidum & B longum called Kyo-Dophilus ..not sure what else helps with weight) when dieting..which is mainly what I’d like it to help me with. But it is Swanson Vitamins- Lee Swanson signature line Ulimate Probiotic Formula (dairy free blue bottle). Thank you so much if you can help!! 🙂

  • by Kelly on

    when taking probiotics is it recommended to watch your diet such as eliminating sugar flour processed foods etc?since I’ve been taking probiotics I have noticed that my skin is breaking out with acne really bad is that part of the dye off?

  • by Brigid on

    Thank you!! I’ve just started a new pro biotic and have been nauseated. This one also has algae in it, it’s a better brand than my last one. The nausea threw me off but I’m glad to have read your info!

  • by Rachel on

    I suffer over 40 years from serious stomach issues. Wnet to natoropath she advised Probiotics Ultra 50 billion Dophilus of Jarrow and digestive enzymes (vegan). I am on vegan diet because anything else causes pain to me. Before starting with the Jarrow ones I started Prescript Assist because I couldn’t wait for the other arriving UK from US (2 weeks). I am now taking both (3rd day for the both together but a week for Prescript assist- naturopath said they have different strains and can be combined). I also had for the first time yesterday IntestiNEW of Renew Life. Right after I have taken it I started feeling nauseous, BB, lightheadedness, sharp pains in the stomach, all body muscles painful, vivid dreams in night like someone threw a bullet at me and I got electrocuted. Today I didn’t take it and the nausea is a bit less, albeit it still there with throbbing headaches. I can’t call my naturopath because she doesn’t work this way. I have been to her yesterday but took the IntestiNEW after returning from her. She adviced me to book another appointment in another 4 weeks. What do you suggest?
    Thank you

    • by Katie Jasper on

      Hi Rachel – It sounds like you are trying to tackle some concerns and good for you. Unfortunately we really can’t give advice like this over our blog. When you are under the care of a Dr. we have to defer you to them. I might suggest trying to get an appointment with another practitioner or ask your Naturopaths office if they have someone they recommend. Tell them you are not feeling well and need some more immediate support/guidance. Sending healing vibes your way!

  • by Blanche on

    I’ve started a new probiotic and for over two months now and my musles hurt… I am taking Perfect Biotics from Probiotic America. Should I stop taking them since the pain doesn’t seem to be tapering off?

    • by Megan Morris on

      We’d for sure take a close look at that. It may be worth calling your doctor and asking her/his advice on this as well!

  • by Melissa on

    Wondering if anyone has experience with Theralac?

    • by Katie Jasper on

      Hi Melissa! I have not but the brand and quality assurance looks really reliable.

  • by Brian Hodgson on

    I started taking Nature’s Bounty Acidophilus Probiotic 3 weeks ago and although it has made me quite regular, I wake up with stomach pain and lower back pain. It gets better throughout the day but never really goes away. I’m not nauseous, I just get like sudden jolts in my abdomen, sides and lower back? I take it at night if that matters? Just wondering if you think I should switch to another brand or keep taking it? I haven’t seen this brand mentioned in any of the earlier posts?



    • by Megan Morris on

      That’s interesting Brian and I’d definitely discuss this with your doctor. It’s tough to say as everyone has different reactions. I hope you’ve seen some improvement.

  • by Linda on

    I started taking the B4B probiotic 3 days ago. Have been having major gas and bloating. Also going to bathroom 3 times or more a day. Is this a die off effect? I came off a strong antibiotic about 3 weeks ago and suffer with diverticulitis and IBS. I know I have over growth of yeast and is why I purchased the probiotic to begin with. Have taken probiotics in the past but have not experienced such extreme says toms as I am with this brand. Please advise if I should cut back, (recommends 1 pill 3 X Adam with meals) or just continue until symptoms subside.

  • by Casey on

    I have Lyme Disease, which I was on medicine for back in April. I was also put on a probiotic then, but I stopped taking it once I finished the meds for the Lyme. Just yesterday, my doctor put me back on a (proscribed) probiotic due to stomach issues and nausea. Today, I find myself more nauseous than before, any suggestions as to what I should do?

    • by Katie Jasper on

      Hi Casey! Thanks for reaching out and trusting us with you question. One thing we really strive to do is make sure to keep out of the way of any medical care. In this case, it’s our best advice to reach back out to your prescribing physician – especially since it’s a prescription. Usually that won’t last long and can be a result of a number of things, including die off, but again, we’d advise you to reach out to your Dr.s office. I hope that helps!

  • by Pam on

    After a lifetime of digestive issues and IBS, migraines, weight gain, hypertension (treated with meds for 9 years) and now the beginning of arthritis, my sister recommended what she started taking for her IBS:

    Enzymedica DIGEST GOLD
    NOVA Progressive 55+years 42 billion probiotics

    Do you know of either of these brands and if they’re effective and trustworthy? I’ve taken them for several days now, as directed, and I’m so fatigued I fall asleep every time I sit down, but perhaps that’s my body readjusting itself.


    • by Megan Morris on

      Hi Pam – it’s really hard to say as everyone reacts differently. These are both high content flora – so you may need to ease in. I hope you’re feeling some relief!

  • by Carol on

    What is your opinion of Perfect Biotics by Probiotics?

    • by Megan Morris on

      We haven’t personally had experience with those Carol.

  • by Jesús on

    Glad I came across this article, have been taking probiotics and was feeling really sick. I take truebiotics by the makers of One A Day.. is this a good brand?
    Also, the first couple days that I began with the nausea and stomach ache, I was having fever as well, is that something common?

    • by Megan Morris on

      Hi Jesus – all brands are different so it’s a bit tough to say, everyone reacts different. Sometimes you just have to do trial and error. We hope you’re feeling better!

  • by anne on

    Excellent information, thank you. I have been drinking Amasai from Beyond Organic for the past two days, to rebuild my flora after making some seriously good dietary changes 3 months ago. It is true, I am feeling sluggish and bloated since I started. Would it be of benefit to continue drinking eight ounces a day or is every other day just as beneficial?

    • by Megan Morris on

      It’s tough to say Anne – everyone is different! I hope you’re feeling well now.

  • by Joe Roe on

    I started taking Perfect Biotics a month ago because of stomach problems. 30 billion CFUs and 15 strains. Now, If I miss a pill, I get a stomach ache. Am I addicted now?

    • by Megan Morris on

      It’s tough to say Joe – if you’re feeling better with probiotics you may want to consider incorporating more fermented foods into your diet as well – as it seems like your’e doing well. People shouldn’t get “addicted” though to probiotics – at least we haven’t seen research on it.

  • by muriel on

    Hello I am currently switching my probiotic from Phillips Colon health to Probiotic America. And am experiencing dizziness for the past three days. Last night I took it instead of the morning and I feel a little more centered but still light headed? Why?

    Bad sign should I stop taking them?

    Thank you

    • by Megan Morris on

      It’s tough to say Muriel – we can’t say for sure that could be causing it – but it’s good you’re tracking the symptoms with the timing of switching. I’d definitely do a little research and let your doctor know! If you continue to feel symptoms after a 1-2 weeks I’d stop taking.

  • by sam bennett de reuck on

    I wat to find out im using nativa multivit for men complex with probiotics in the vitamins is it a good vitamin and why is it making me feel sick

  • by Gwen on

    I took my first probiotic this morning and I have some nausea. I’m healthy, would like to lose 10 or 15 lbs, but otherwise wanted to take the probiotics because I’ve heard how much better it would make me feel. The brand I purchased is NOW Probiotic-10. I’m wondering if the dosage may be too much. It says 100 Billion, 10 Probiotic Strains on the label. Thank you for your reply.



    I am 80 years old, and for several years have had inflammation problems, many allergies to meds, and for the past 6 mos diverticulitis and IBS, and after being in and out of hospital was sent to a Stress Management Therapist, and after one hour, told me I needed Probiotics. I went to Health Food Store and purchased Garden of Life Colon-Immune Systen 90 Billion with 15 probiotic strains. After first day, I had headache, worse gas, nausea, three four bms per days, and EXHAUSED. IS THIS NORMAL. I SURE WANT THIS TO WORK. PLEASE HELP ME.

    • by Megan Morris on

      Sorry to hear that Carole! That’s a big dose to start with – I’d pull back to a smaller dose and work your way up, but check in with your doctor you don’t want to be feeling awful!!

  • by Charles Morgan on

    Thank you for the great info. Because of this site I found a really great product called Syntol. I don’t seem to have any of the cramping and severe nausea that I have always experienced with other probiotics. The manufacturer of Syntol claims that they add a systemic enzyme blend to their product which prevents a die-off or herxheimer reaction. Thank you again for writing this blog, I feel better than I have in a long time.


  • by Kathy on

    I must disagree. Don’t want to start a debate or upset anyone but probiotics made me VERY sick. I was out of work for 2 weeks and so sick to my stomach. I could barely get out of bed from the fatigue. It took me a while to realize what was causing it. I quit taking them and i began to get better a little each day. I think if they work for you, great! If not, and they make you sick, go with your gut and stop them!

  • by Juliet on

    I started Nature’s Way Fortify 30 billion live cultures about 1 1/2 weeks ago. I was sick with cold like symptoms the 3rd and 4th day, by day 6 and 7 I was very ill with flu symptoms and slept for almost 2 solid days. Now , day 9, I am having an upset stomach and headache. Am I taking too much, one pill per day, or do I just need to let my body adjust? I have never taken probiotics before so I have no idea of name brands or dosage

    • by Sarah on

      Hi Juliet,
      I started taking probiotics this week at the full dose and was miserable (headaches, nausea, feeling like I have the flu). Lowering dose temporarily helped a ton. Magnesium spray on my skin and drinking more water also helped with the headache. Think of it like this; when you take antibiotics, you can have symptoms at first. While probiotics don’t work the same way, they still kill a lot of bad bacteria, so having symptoms can be normal. That being said, you don’t have to suffer. Lower the dose to a level you can tolerate, and if it’s really brutal or if you have underlying health conditions, ask your doctor.

  • by Christi on

    I just started taking a 10 string probiotic. I had or still have Lyme disease. I am experiencing migraines, low energy and terrible nausea. Should I keep taking them? I am so miserable. Please help me.

    • by Sarah on

      Hi Christi,
      You don’t have to suffer. Take a break for a day or two. If you are interested in trying again, lower the dose until you feel comfortable. This might mean opening a pill. Probiotics should help with Lyme (they are good for inflammation and stomach bacteria), but you’ll need to take very low doses at first.

  • by Tony Hansen on

    Thanks for this article and thread, I started taking Spring Valley Probiotics four days ago. It has 4 billion active cultures. contains 10 strains. I have experienced many of the same feeling as other have mentioned and thought what is wrong. I guess this is the bad dying off. I started taking Probiotics for digestive issues and belly fat reduction. Can you tell me if this is a good brand or should I try something else?

  • by Isaac on

    I’ll make it short. I have chrones and Ulcerative Colitis and have an illiostomy that can be reversed. I was on Remicade, Entivio, Humeria, and all failed during my 8 year battle with this. Dr. Says that their not much more they have for me to try. That was my 2nd opinion. I currently take probiotics (chime probiotics 250 billion per capsul) I some times take up to 6 a day. In addition I take water/milk kefir 5 times a day and eat mainly fermented foods to give a boost to the probiotics. I am allergic or sensitive to lactose, iodine, and gluten( probably due to an overgrowth of candida. I suffer maily with severe acne all over body and face, insomnia, brain heat/buzz, no energy, mentally foggy, mood swings ect. What drove me to start probiotics was my surgery where I took two months worth of antibiotics and have been on steroids (prednisone) for the last 5 years that I recently stopped. I started 1 week ago and the acne has been worse. Is this normal, and if so, how long should it be till I see SOME type of improvement? Some say it is normal to get worse at first and NOT to back down on the dosage because it will take longer and get worse to get through this. Please tell me your thoughts.

  • by Elliebean on

    THANK YOU!!! I have been experiencing allergies to a lot of foods, daily ear problems, unexplained weight gain, and stomach issues. I read somewhere that food allergies are dirrectly related to gut health. So I spoke with my midwife about starting a probiotic. She started me on a pretty strong one and I have been getting so sick!!! I was almost going to stop taking it until I found your article! I hope this is the key as I have been to all kinds of doctors that have been interested in only diagnosing and treating symptoms. I had one doctor have me start a reflux medicine which made me burp up a mouth full of acid for several days in a row before I stopped taking it. I told him a bout it and he told me that it wasn’t possible that it was only calcium. Well guess what??? I found out that I was allergic to calcium. Never went back to that doctor. He was so arrogant and refused to listen to me because he Knew what he knew and was not willing to explore other possibilities.

  • by Melody on

    Hello all, I am currently taking the Renew Life Ultimate Flora probiotic 15 Billion Supplement and have experience the headache since day one. I suffer from chronic constipation all my life, yeast infection, and BV. The headache is mild enough that I can handle it. I think its not as strong as it was on day one.

    My advice to some of you who are taking the high levels of probiotic in the 50 billion and over is that if you are experiencing more than one symptoms that are unbearable, you need to get a lower dose. Those who are taking 50-500 billions need to be cautious especially if its the first time you are taking probiotic. Like Megan has stated, you need to start off on a lower dose and slowly go higher according to how your body is handling the probiotics. If you are not having digestive issues there is a good chance you have enough good bacteria to not need to overload yourself with 60-500 billion to begin with.

    I believe people should try to start off with 5-15 billion and see how they feel. If you are only having a few symptoms that you can handle stick with it to make sure its not the dying off process. If its too much symptoms, passing more than a week, and you cannot handle it go down to 5 billion or 1 billion. Your body will let you know when you are doing too much. I would be very cautious in taking the 100 billion and beyond especially when its the first time and you don’t have symptoms of people with low levels of good bacteria such as: digestive issues; yeast infection; bacterial vaginosis; allergies; etc.

    Realize that if you take more dose than you need you can have too much good bacterial which can cause infections. I say the average people can fair well between 10-35 billion. Not many people should be doing the 100 billion and above especially if they are showing major signs dying off. I don’t have a medical background, but I feel that this is something to keep in mind. If you are taking it just for maintenance you don’t need to be taking 50 billion and over.

  • by Bonnie on

    I started taking 10 billion Culturelle Digustive Health 2 weeks ago and for 3 days now I am so faitiged I don’t feel like getting dressed. Should I stop taking them or change to a different product

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