Sweet Deals

At Prescribe Nutrition we love a great deal.  We have some unbelievable partners in the health and wellness world, and today we are sharing them with you!


The Feed

When you need fuel for a long day or even a long race, we have a found the solution, The Feed. This site has answered our prayers in consolidating all PN approved energy snacks into one place. We went through their brands and found all those with a PN stamp of approval. Check out more on the The Feed Prescribe Nutrition Snacks page. Talk about convenience, right?



This whole food company is taking grain-free snacks and breakfasts and making them far more convenient by delivering to your doorstep. Real food goes bad, and the only preservative WholeMe uses is the fridge. Check out the delicious snacks and more on the WholeMe site, and be sure to use the code prescribenutrition for 15% off.

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