It’s finally nice to feel… [they filled in the blank]

“It’s nice to feel happy again.”

“It’s like sugar doesn’t own me.”

“I would say…it’s nice to finally feel empowered.”

“Lighter! And this isn’t about weight… sometimes I just feel “heavy” in general – mood, obligations, stress. I definitely feel so much lighter.”

“Besides noticing a physical difference (my jeans go on WAY easier) – I’m feeling some amazing mental changes too. I feel less strung out, more motivated, and noticeably more patient with my kids. Ticking off my goals, one by one.”

“Your enthusiasm is infectious, your realness comforting, and your support is hands down the best I’ve ever experienced. Thank you, thank you.”

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Working with the girls at Prescribe Nutrition has been an absolute joy. Their professionalism and attention to detail comes through in every aspect of their business – from the design of their products and promotional material, to the thought that goes into their programs and recipes, it’s no wonder that their offerings have been so well received by our community. Kiran Dodeja Smith, 100 Days of Real Food

It’s been such an honor to work with the ladies over at Prescribe Nutrition over the past few years. My readers always appreciate being provided with such a comprehensive health resource, for themselves and their families, and it’s a program I enthusiastically return to partnering with again and again! Steph Morgan, Modern Parents Messy Kids.

Detox is such a buzz word these days, but PN puts it in perspective and gives all of us busy, frantic and sometimes confused women so much more: the opportunity to learn, heal and find balance in our worlds through habits that feel right. There is no one I trust more to set me—or my readers—on the path to greater mind/body peace. Elizabeth Dehn, lifestyle editor and creator of Beauty Bets and co-conspirator at One Love Organics.

After having my first baby, I felt awful.  Hormonal, depressed, exhausted, baby weight…everything felt daunting.  I was a total victim of my circumstance.  PN taught me how much of my overall well-being is within my control.  I gained mental clarity and more energy than I could have ever imagined.  I experienced a sense of calm that trickled into every facet of my life.  I did lose the weight but I can honestly say that the weight was just a secondary perk.  These programs have taught me to have a clearer vision for the life I want to live. Liz Sinot, Regional Director, EVEREVE (formerly Hot Mama)

Our entire team participated in the Prescribe20 program and were blown away by the results. As a business owner, my teams health and wellness is incredibly important as it effects productivity as well as overall happiness. I found that with Prescribe Nutrition’s guidance, we were able to work through the lifestyle and diet changes in unison. Having each other as support during the work week was a great team building experience and the end result was amazing! We were sleeping more soundly, getting more done each day and generally feeling awesome. And having worked with the PN ladies on other projects, I can say wholeheartedly that they are the best, brightest and loveliest around! Christina Sandok, Owner, Style Architects

The Prescribe Nutrition team and I stumbled upon each other over our passion for celebrating beautiful, real food that nourishes. What started out as a collaborative partnership of recipe creation & photography for Prescribe Balance turned into me seeing that I was missing some very important components of health and self-care that were contributing to nagging health issues that I had struggled to solve. I decided to join in on their program, and was taken aback by their continual support, knowledge and a comprehensive plan that made sense. And it worked. I can’t recommend Prescribe Nutrition enough, whether you’re just getting started on your way to a healthier lifestyle or trying to fine-tune. You’ll come away with so much more than you expected.  Amanda Paa, writer, recipe creator, and photographer behind Heartbeet Kitchen

Very few affiliate programs provide the same deep symbiotic relationship from their brand to yours that Prescribe Nutrition does. Stir and Scribble was promoted, cheered, and published through Prescribe’s blog, instagram, and Facebook – which helped us both to share the power of Prescribe’s programs with fans and followers. The whole PN team is looking to build lasting relationships not just one time sales. Meghan Splawn, Food Stylist, Recipe Creator and Owner of Stir and Scribble

Working with the PN gals has been an absolute pleasure for me, but more importantly, a great experience for our clients.  The PN team provides a service and opportunity for our community that we don’t have the expertise in, but complements so well!  As with any kind of fitness studio we are often asked how to eat or how to work towards a specific goal in health off the mat.  I am happy to speak from experience, but without any formal training am unqualified to truly provide the best for my students.  PN gals to the rescue!  Their online format makes the programs so accessible for students no matter where they are and what they have going on in their lives.

I really appreciate that Katie, Anna and Megan will come out and take classes at Fusion, and meet our students, see what our community feels like, and how best to communicate with them.  The three are incredibly relatable and meet people where they are, which comes across as approachable and inviting. Brigitte Koepke Smith, Co Owner of Fusion Yoga in Eagan, MN.




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