That Moment When…

It’s March 1st?

Isn’t it interesting how you can eagerly anticipate spring for so long and then, BAM! It hits you unsuspectingly, leaving you giddy, but also feeling something else. That ‘something else’ is familiar, very familiar. It’s sort of like the week before finals. Like the end is so near, but there is a ton of work to do between now and then. Or maybe like that time when you got your bridesmaid dress a size too small because because hey, you were already down three pounds and steamrolling towards ten! But then suddenly, almost out of the blue,  it’s the week before the wedding aaaand – shit. Life happened and you couldn’t go to four yoga classes a week, and you had so much fun celebrating the future bride with alcohol and penis shaped treats.

Yeeeeeaaaah. That feeling.

It’s practically spring and we are facing a fork in the road. Let’s name said fork “Summer Goals.” At the end of the road we want to find ourselves excitedly pulling out our summer clothes, patting ourselves on the back and ultimately thinking, Damn, I look hot! This IS possible, remember? You’ve felt it before. And it felt good. Real good.

Back to the fork. Over to our right we have “Start Now” and over to the left we have “Start Tomorrow.” Start Now has a plan, and that plan has directions, accountability and you get to do it with other people. Slow and steady wins this race. And then there is Start Tomorrow. Here’s the thing about Start Tomorrow, it just keeps repeating that you get to start tomorrow. Sure that feels great in the moment, but when you pull out your summer clothes and start wondering if clothes shrink while being stored…well, that part doesn’t feel so good.


Which leads us to “That Moment When.” Here’s a little fact about team PN, we are funny, or at least we’re pretty sure we are. In a conversation strung between four of us, we discussed how spring is basically here and those big sweaters and denim are about to be replaced with slinky tank tops and shorts light weight pants. Naturally, this turned into an open mic night about “that moment when” you realize you veered to the left when you hit the fork in the road. Some of our favorites:

  • That moment when you wish you could flash back to the 90’s and wear Umbros with your swimsuit. I mean, the 90’s are back on trend, right?
  • That moment when you realize you were going to start eating clean a month ago, and now you’re googling cabbage soup and the master cleanse.
  • That moment when you realize you’ve been watching a Chuck Norris Home Gym infomercial for the last two hours. Hey, it looks like a reasonable solution at 12:35 AM.


Then we thought, We can’t be the only people with ridiculous moments! We want to hear what you have to say. The funniest “That Moment When” left in the comments section of this blog gets a free spot in our April Prescribe 20 program for yourself and your bestie – because real friends don’t let their friends start tomorrow. We want to know, what’s your funniest “That Moment When?”

The contest will end at 10 PM Friday the 25th of March and the winner will be announced on the 26th!

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  • by Serena Kuppe on

    That moment when you are shooting a wedding, you squat to capture the perfect shot and your pants split open. Wide open. Oh and you happened to go commando that day too.

    • by Anna D on

      I literally just showered my computer with coffee. It came out of both my mouth and my nose. OMG!

      • by Katie Jasper on

        I STILL have my jeans that this happened to… my favorites that I refuse to give up. Why? I dunno.

        • by Erin on

          Katie! I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I split my pants open (as soon as I walked in the house from a long day at work- talk about good timing!) and cant bring myself to throw them away. WHY?

          • by Katie Jasper on

            ha! I guess there are some things we will never have the answer to, Erin. #shesh

    • by Anna D on

      Serena, you are our WINNER 🙂 You’ve just secured two FREE spots in our April program for both yourself and a friend!

      • by Serena Kuppe on

        That moment you google your name and find out you won something……6 months ago.

  • by Cara on

    That moment when you decide your taking a break from sugar AS you grab a spoon and reach for your Ben and Jerry’s because, naturally, you ALWAYS start tomorrow.

    • by Anna D on

      So funny and TRUE. The only way to quit sugar is to majorly indulge before cutting it out…tomorrow.

  • by Megan Morris on

    That moment when you kissed a guy at a house party and when you went to the bathroom you noticed your pants had split entirely down the butt. #sexy #truestory

  • by Christye S on

    It is that moment right now when you realize that you “gave up sugar” this year but have eaten more of it every single day since you started. (Goes well with a side of “signed up for that race or two” that are screaming down the pipeline right now, how far is a half marathon?)

    • by Megan Morris on

      We know this story well.

  • by Erin on

    That moment when you are so excited about leftovers for lunch, only to realize it is spoiled. Like moldy spoiled. #WhenWasTheLastTimeIActuallyCooked? #INeedRealFood

    • by Megan Morris on


  • by Elizabeth on

    That moment when a 60 day juice cleanse actually sounds like a good idea…until you find yourself leaving Whole Foods with $200 worth of produce that is only supposed to get you through three days.

    (P.S. SO GLAD this blog came into my inbox this today. Literally, just this morning I was like “I really miss the P20 protocol! I’m going to start it today.” Then a friend called asking if I wanted to meet her two-week-old baby at a local cafe. I left three donuts later thinking that now I definitely need another baby…or maybe just a Tomigachi. Are Tomigachi’s still a thing? Anyways, neither my vagina nor my husband will let me have another baby just yet.)

    • by Megan Morris on

      Hey Elizabeth, best laugh I’ve had all day. YOU ROCK.

      • by Katie Jasper on

        Laughing so hard at this one. Thank you… all around.

  • by Natasha Marchewka on


    That moment when you’re getting dressed in what you hope are flattering undergarments, your husband walks in, and you suck in your stomach, vowing that would be the last time you need to do so because your stomach will surely never look like Barbapapa ever again.

  • by Erin Harrington on

    That moment when your coworkers joke openly how they always need to order an extra FULL order of crab rangoons when the office orders take-out (…and then you actually catch yourself giving the evil eye to someone who tries to take one…). It’s kinda funny, except its also completely true! I don’t want to be THAT girl anymore…they’re mostly cream cheese anyway – I didn’t taste any crab flavor. LOL

  • by Hannah on

    That moment when you lick your fingers and then stuff them back into an large empty bag of sweet popcorn just to make sure you don’t miss a single crumb….thats when i realize I perhaps have a sugar addiction.

    • by Megan Morris on

      #perhaps #knowthisstory

  • by Lynora on

    That moment when you get a phone call from your 5 year old son’s teacher and you instantly worry he’s sick! Nope… just pulled down his pants on the playground in front of two girls whose parents you now need to apologize to!

    • by Anna D on

      Haaa! Oh no. A new parenthood motto has become, “Remember this could be worse.” It sort of help 🙂

  • by Wendi on

    That moment when one of the guys at work asks if you are pregnant (complete with the hand motions for a big belly). When you tell him that you are not and that you never ask a woman that question unless you know for certain…. he replies that he thought that because my back side was getting bigger and he was always told that was a tell tell sign. #whyareyoulooking #babygotback #speechless

    • by Megan Morris on

      This one might be hard to top. And for the record, my girlfriends and I have a trasnscript for a book started, it’s titled, “I’m Not Pregnant, Assho&*, and Other Stories.”

      • by Anna D on

        I want you to sign my copy!

  • by Melissa L on

    The moment when your 3&1/2 year old comes up behind you and starts slapping your butt saying, “I like to bop your big butt mama…bop bop bop.” Oh great…#kidstellingthetruth

    • by Wendi on

      Totally related to this one… My daughter was hugging me good night. She started smacking my boobs and calling them “big, old gorilla boobies” and asking if she was going to have “big, old gorilla boobies” when she got old like me. She was 7. #nomoretripstothezoo #youhope #thesefedyou

      • by Anna D on

        Oh, these ring so true! My 5 and 6 year old ask me regularly, “When is the next baby coming, Mama?!” #itsnot

        • by Elizabeth on

          Yesterday, I was changing my jeans in front of my 10-month-old, and I mooned her (because why not?) and she immediately started crying hysterically, complete with flopping to the group in horror. SERIOUSLY?!

  • by Anne on

    These are hysterical!
    So my moment is more like, that moment when you’re trying to be all ladylike on a first, super hot date and order a salad. You feel so awesome until 30 minutes later after you finish and are in the bathroom, you notice a really nice piece of spinach in your teeth….

    • by anna on

      Oh yeah – I’ve been there!

  • by Erin Redmond on

    This happened to me yesterday. The moment when you are at a red light and your kids age 3 and 5 are giggling in the backseat uncontrollably because the man in the car next to us is wearing earrings. “mom that man is wearing earrings, Tom Look!” and they stare and stare and giggle, you tell them thats not nice and just will the light to turn green so you can speed away…

    That or when my 3 year old calls me by his new nickname for mom in public. “ok poop butt”

  • by Dawn on

    That moment when you’re in your bedroom, surrounded by $2500 in swimsuits because you can’t bear to try them on in the store. Off to the post office to return them ALL! Ugh.

    • by Wendi on

      Amen, Sister.

  • by Beth on

    When you keep telling yourself that you will start doing the January Prescribe 20 Program next week . . . and its’ almost the middle of March.

  • by Meg on

    That moment when, after you buckle your 3-year-old into her carseat post-grocery shopping, she says, “What’s our car snack today, Mommy?” and you say, “What do you mean, car snack?” and she says, “We always eat a treat on the way home from the grocery store! Did we get candy watermelons?” WE LIVE 7 MINUTES FROM THE GROCERY STORE.

    • by Elizabeth on

      I love this so much!

    • by anna on

      Haha! This rings true to me 🙂 Hey, making it through the grocery store with kids DESERVES a car snack.

  • by anna on

    That moment when you start online swimsuit shopping, but somehow end up looking at desserts on Pinterest…because that just happened.

  • by Kristin Gourde on

    These Are hysterical. 🙂 how about the moment you drove leftover bday cake down to your mom and dads so you stop sneaking bites and pieces out of the freezer bc you realize alone you have likely eaten more than 1/2 dozen cupcakes and you wonder why your hard work isn’t paying off and you still don’t fit in your clothes! 🙂 and yes, this just happened yesterday (planned to do no sugar and on day two are cake for breakfast again). Oops!

    • by Megan Morris on

      Oops – a word many know well. Hey – a great excuse to see the parents!

  • by Doug Gibbs on

    That moment when you thumb tack your pants that “always fit” (until recently) on the wall of your closet as a reminder that you WILL get back into them one day…and you look in the pocket and find 10 Snickers wrappers. Yes, my “when I was skinny” pants pockets doubled as my secret trash can for all of the evidence of my secret stash of Snickers – (fun sized of course – they’re $1 for 5 @ Kroger and who’s gonna find out if I’m the one doing the shopping, right?) It was a very enlightening moment.

    • by Megan Morris on

      Well this is just amazing.Love it!

  • by Wendi on

    That moment you get your long awaited StitchFix box and start trying on the clothes. You put a dress on that you just love…. You model it for your spouse. His reply: “Well….. it just doesn’t fit your right. It’s tight Heeeeerrrrrrre (as he is pointing). You are putting me in a bad spot. If I say something, I’m the asshole. But, I want you to have an honest opinion. I love you so.” I am glad that he just inferred and not said the exact truth. 3 months ago, the dress would have been perfect. #webothknow #crackanotherbeer #thanksforlovingme

  • by Maria on

    That moment when you are changing your tampon and your 3 year old walks in (because of course he knows how to pick the lock) and asks “Why do Momma’s use those? Is it to keep your bottom nice and cozy?”

    Or perhaps, that moment when you are confident your tampon just leaked into those tight stretchy pants and you know you will be demonstrating three-legged dog to your class in less than 5 seconds.

    Yep, it’s been that kind of week! 🙂

  • by Jen on

    That moment when you leave your home unknowingly wearing your shocking pink slippers to head to the post office and grocery store. You discover your slippers are on after the post office (yes, I made it through this errand without realizing my slippers were on) then decide you are already out of the house so you might as well still go to the grocery store. I was pregnant when this happened, which maybe makes it a bit better, or worse, depending on how you look at it. 🙂

  • by Veronica on

    That moment you realize your 36th birthday is a few months away and you were going to start working out in preparation 60 “tomorrow’s” ago but Talenti gelato happens to always be in sale so you do that instead…

  • by Liza on

    That moment when your 3-year old asks you if there’s a baby in there and there hasn’t been a baby in three for 3 years!

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