Five Reasons Prescribe Nutrition Works for Everyone

Let’s talk about food, life, nutrition and why Prescribe Nutrition truly is all about YOU. Over here we don’t subscribe to any one diet.  We subscribe to educating and creating a better understanding what works for you. So, let’s dig in. We’ll tell you what our programs entail, how they work, what to expect AND we’re answering your questions. It’s gonna be fun.

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5 Reasons Prescribe Nutrition Works for Everyone!

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Check out the recording of the LIVE call here!

For many of us food, nutrition and diets are confusing, overwhelming and just plain annoying. We want to take the frustration out and put you back in charge. It’s time.


Join us on Thursday December 3rd at 8pm CST as we dig in (call will be recorded)!  Access to the discussion can be done via phone or computer.  You’ll receive the details after registering, as well as a reminder email prior to the call.

Katie, Megan and their team are Holistic Nutritionists & Dietitians on a mission to support others in the quest for better health. They lead a dynamic team of experts at Prescribe Nutrition who specialize in digestive, hormone, brain health, and sports dietetics – all with a balanced approach to health.  Because, as they say: life is not a diet, so let’s live….

If you know you simply want more and can confidently say that 20 days (ummm 480 hours, yes please) of a team of experts that gets you, can help make sense of nutrition and health, and be there for you anytime you need them, just hop on the link below! Oh, and use your “getstheworm” for this ONE TIME early bird offer of 40% off (ends Sunday, December 6th).

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