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It’s piping hot out there so we’re continuing the conversation on healthy smoothies. You know what takes a smoothie from basic to badass? Superfoods. Today we’re shouting out our top 5 superfoods that not only up the health factor, but that make smoothies taste dyn-o-mite.  Superfoods can really kick your snack or meal up a notch, so we’re sharing our favorite ways to use them. PSA: read allllll the way to the end because there’s something big time in it for you. We’re super excited to partner with Navitas Organics for this blog post – we’re giving away a pack of all five of these bad boys. (Update 7/17: Giveaway closed!)

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Cacao nibs (or cacao powder) is probably a superfood you’ve heard of before. Packed with antioxidants, these little buggers are so great at powering up a meal or snack. They have a dark chocolate taste without the sugar, you can add them in whole for some serious crunch or blend them for a cocoa infused smoothie. LOVE them paired with mint / berries / beets and more.

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Chia seeds might be Megan’s fav superfood of all time…also known for their omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds have a good amount of protein, antioxidants, magnesium, and fiber and will keep you energized for the day. Also? Great for staying regular. Add to salads, smoothies, oats, energy bites…the list could go on forever!

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Hemp seeds are an amazing source of omega-3 fatty acids and a complete protein (meaning it contains all nine amino acids which is hard to come by in the plant world). It’s also packed with antioxidants and iron. They will add a mild nutty flavor and in general go well with everything. Such a people please these little guys. Add these to energy bites or a smoothie to make them protein packed. They also add a great little crunch to smoothies.

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Maca is an adaptogen. Adapto-what? Instead of targeting one part of the body, adaptogens help balance out the body as a whole. Maca will directly support your hormones and in turn will give you a) energy and b) a strong libido. Who doesn’t want more of that? *crickets* We throw maca in just about everything but to get you started, it’s great in coffee, smoothies, and banana n’ice cream. Nom.

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Mulberries are basically raisins on steroids. The good kind of steroids though…they are low in sugar and high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Also, dried mulberries are freaking delicious and and well liked as opposed to raisins which people are such haters on. They are DIVINE sprinkled on smoothie bowls.

Navitas Organics has generously offered to giveaway each of our favorite superfoods to one lucky winner! Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 1 bag of cacao nibs
  • 1 bag of hemp seeds
  • 1 bag of chia seeds
  • 1 bag of maca
  • 1 bag of mulberries

All you have to do is leave a comment below sharing which superfood is your favorite (or which you’re most excited for) and what you’re going to make with these! One winner will be selected at random from our Facebook, Instagram and blog comments on Monday, July 17th. Good luck!

UPDATE 7/17: Giveaway is closed! The random winning comment was on Instagram.

Who’s ready for a smoothie bowl?!

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  • by Leonie Metz on

    Was introduced to hemp seed years ago – before it became popular. Still one of my favorited!
    Excited to try the cacao nibs – read a lot about them lately!
    I’m excited to try the smoothie – I’m laid up w/broken pelvis – so this is uplifting!

  • by Alana on

    I love cacao!! I have been wanting to make cacao brownies with avocado for a while and will have to have the nibs if I win them!!

  • by Marisa on

    Oh man, this is hard to choose. My favorite are mulberries because I love the taste and texture, but I’ve used all of these super foods in my cooking & baking (or smoothie making).

  • by Brooke Charboneau on

    Chia seeds…need to try the rest!:)

  • by Betsy Grossman on

    I would love to try some mulberries on my overnight oats!

  • by Julie on

    I love chia seeds! Add them to my overnight oats to make it even more filling!! I’ve actually never hadany of the other superfoods but would love to try!!!

  • by Dani on

    I love hemp seeds and don’t use them enough! Easy to forget but they have so many benefits!

  • by Suzanne on

    I like the mulberry’s…nice change from raisins. Sweet but not too sweet.

  • by Andrea on

    I’m a big fan of cacao nibs. I’m pretty free with my dark chocolate addiction but I try to stay conscious of sugar intake. Having the taste of dark chocolate but with an added, toasted crunch — I love adding these to homemade energy bars or on top of any dessert!

  • by Nicole Rathbun on

    Hmmm tough but I’d have to say maca. I was first introduced to it when I found a recipe for a pre workout warriors tonic. I was hooked after. Sometimes I just sprinkle it on top of my strawberries and cream because, why not? I hadn’t thought about putting it in my coffee, I will have to try that.

    There is nothing I wouldn’t make with all of these superfoods. Oatmeal, smoothies, muffins, granola, coconut ice creams, late night desserts…everything!

    • by Andrew on

      Hi Nicole – We are huge maca fans too. Especially in smoothies. Check out some of the recipes posted on instagram @finegourmetimports

  • by Meg on

    Love me some chia and hemp in my daily smoothies. I need to get on the maca and cacao train!! Thanks for the great info!

  • by Jessie Wilton on

    I would definitely say maca! It helps with my energy levels. I also heard it can help increase libido, so…..bonus! 🙂

  • by Jessie Wilton on

    Oh and I would make more of the no bake cookie dough balls from PN, but add in some surprise ingredients like maca and maybe even the mulberries!

  • by DJ on

    Loving chia seed pudding right now with the Toasted Coconut Almond Milk. So good!!

  • by Karen Cunningham on

    Chia Seeds are the best! Easy to put into so many foods – especially smoothies and salads. The others are not as familiar to me so I am looking forward to giving them a try.

  • by erin on

    Love chia seeds! So good in smoothies, yogurt, and beet oatmeal!

  • by Anna on

    I LOVE cocao nibs!! I put them in my favorite mint, spinach cocao nib smoothie. Lately I’ve been freezing bananas to make chocolate covered banana popcices. I make a magic shell with cocoa powder, coconut oil and honey and I dip the banana in it and quickly roll it or sprinkle on cocao nibs. Delicious!

  • by Patty kelley on

    I make granola with oat, dried cherries or cranberries, maple syrup and pecans with flax seeds as the superfood piece de resistance. Ooh la la. I tried snacking on goji berries, but they taste like dirt.

  • by Angela Sletten on

    My favorite is chia seeds, in my banana smoothie with vanilla protein powder and mixed in to my refrigerated breakfast oats with almond milk, cinnamon and honey. Yum!

  • by Kate Ostrem on

    Over lunch at work, I was just saying I need to get back into breakfast smoothies. Reading this is perfect timing. I’m also excited to try mulberries – I’ve had the other superfoods and am eager to add this one to my repertoire. Thanks so much!

  • by Ashlee on

    I need to find some mulberries, haven’t tried them. I Love all of these in my smoothies and smoothie bowls, also like hemp on my salads.

  • by Mary on

    I love mulberries! We have a mulberry tree in our yard right now. 🙂

  • by Heather Ross-Chalupnik on

    I love them all but especially hemp seeds and nibs!! They make my smoothie taste soooo good!!

  • by Kristin on

    I love cacao nibs and hemp seeds have become a new favorite recently. I haven’t tried mulberries yet, but now they’re on my list!

  • by Laura Fuschetto on

    Cocoa nibs are my favorite! Love them in Prescribe 20’s “Cookie Dough” Balls. My kids love these too!

  • by Victoria on

    Love chia! Would love to try mulberries and have been wanting to try cacao. Thanks for all the info.

  • by Sarah on

    I absolutely love mulberries. They are naturally really sweet and have so many wonderful health benefits.

  • by Erin on

    I love hemp seeds in my smoothies, but can’t wait to try mulberries on my smoothie bowls. Sounds delicious!

  • by Jane Wieberg on

    I think of the 5, I would say Chia is by far my favorite superfood. There is something about the texture of them when they have been soaking in liquid that I can’t resist!

  • by Terri David on

    Chia seeds are my favorite because they are so easy to use. They are a staple in my breakfast cereal, but you can put them in almost everything. I tried maca and got stomach cramps.

  • by Laurie on

    I love hemp and chia seeds. I use both in my overnight oats.

  • by Lauren on

    Definitely love my chia seeds but have been wanting to try out Maca. Libido huh?!?

  • by Carlos on

    Love cacao! I can eat it raw no problem! I would get all those super foods together, mix it with some raw honey, and peanut butter, and make my own snack bars! Perfect as an after work out snack, and excellent nutrition for this hot summer days. Have never actually tried mullberries…

  • by Donna O on

    I mix all these wonderful ingredients together, add dates, coconut oil and Tahitian vanilla, and voila!, amazing superfood truffles!

  • by Kirsten on

    we love cacao in our smoothies, my daughter thrives on chia in her oatmeal. Excited to hear about the others and try them, especially the Maca .

  • by Sara Harlow on

    I love chia seeds! I make overnight oats with them for a quick breakfast in the mornings!

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